Travel insurance: Your key to worry-free travel

Travelling can be unpredictable, and you might face unexpected bills without the right travel insurance. IDA Travel Insurance covers you in case of illness and accidents during your journeys.

8 reasons to switch to IDA's new Travel Insurance
At IDA Forsikring, you get one of the most affordable travel insurance policies on the market, offering extensive coverage during your vacation.

Three reasons to have travel insurance

Travel insurance is vital as it protects in case of accidents, injuries, and illnesses abroad.

Avoid extensive bills

Hospitalisation and medical treatment abroad can be costly. Travel insurance covers these expenses for you.

Compensation for lost baggage

If your luggage is lost or delayed for more than three hours, your travel insurance will cover the costs of clothing and toiletries.

Cancellation refund in case of illness

If you fall ill before your trip and need to cancel, your travel insurance will refund your expenses.

Additional benefits of travel insurance

Travel insurance is your financial safety net when unexpected events occur during your vacation. Here are more reasons to invest in good travel insurance:
  • Medical and home transportation in case of illness
  • Assistance with evacuation
  • Legal aid and crisis counselling in case of emergencies
  • Coverage for alternative accommodation if the rented place becomes uninhabitable
Without adequate travel insurance, getting injured or falling ill abroad can result in substantial expenses, potentially totalling hundreds of thousands of Danish Kroner.

Switch to IDA Forsikring with ease

If you want to switch to our travel insurance, contact us. We will terminate your travel insurance with your current insurer and automatically transfer it to us.

Choose the travel insurance policy that fits your needs

Our members have diverse travel needs. That’s why we’ve created three package solutions. Select the package that suits you best and add optional extras to customise your coverage according to your preferences. You can always adjust optional extras on My Page.

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Which travel insurance should you choose?

  • Travel Insurance Standard: Tailored for those looking for comprehensive yet budget-friendly coverage. This option includes protection for illness, accidents, home transport, and evacuation during your trip.
  • Travel Insurance Extended: Ideal for travellers seeking enhanced security. For instance, it covers compensation for disrupted holiday days due to illness and includes coverage for rental car deductibles.
  • Travel Insurance Super: The ultimate choice for travellers desiring the most extensive coverage. This option offers a travel vaccine for every household member, compensation for flight delays, and coverage for an additional person on the trip.

Where does our travel insurance cover?

Terms for Travel Insurance purchased before 1 June 2022

If you purchased your Travel Insurance before 1 June 2022, please refer to the specific terms for insurance bought before that date.If you already have travel insurance with IDA Forsikring and want to switch to the new travel insurance, please contact us at phone 70 21 01 91.Are you a student? Purchase IDA Travel Insurance for Students.

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Cheap Travel Insurance for students

If you're a student member of IDA, you can purchase travel insurance at an affordable price with excellent coverage from IDA Forsikring.

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