Travel Insurance

With IDA Travel Insurance, you can feel safe on holiday - even if you get sick or have an accident. Choose the right coverage that suits your needs.

Extreme sports are always included

Extreme sports are always included

You are insured if you are into adrenaline-pumping activities and aren't afraid of river rafting or parachuting.

Help is always near

Help is always near

You can always call Tryg Alarm at 44 68 82 00 - 24 hours a day, year round and wherever you are in the world

Insurance in relation to holiday home

Insurance in relation to holiday home

Get extra expenses covered if your holiday home or AirBnB is unusable - or becomes so during your stay.

What does travel insurance cover?

IDA Travel Insurance covers if you fall ill or have an accident while travelling:

  • Get help with medical treatment or hospital admission.
  • Get medical transport, repatriation, and personal escort in case of illness.
  • Get help with the evacuation.
  • Get legal aid and psychological crisis help if needed after an accident.

As something new, IDA Travel Insurance includes Holiday Home Insurance if you have rented a holiday home or an Airbnb that turns out to be unusable.

See all insurance add-ons in the diagram below.

The form or diagram is an illustrative model and an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. The amount of compensation in an approved insurance claim follows the regulations stated in the insurance terms and conditions.


If you only travel in Europe, you can limit your coverage to Europe and Turkey. If you travel outside to another place, you need Worldwide coverage. It covers the whole globe except the North and South Poles.

Europe and Turkey, or Worldwide

Europe and Turkey, or Worldwide

Europe and Turkey, or Worldwide

The insurance covers trips lasting up to 60 days or longer if written on your insurance policy.

Trips that last up to 60 days unless you extend it. 

Trips that last up to 60 days unless you extend it. 

Trips that last up to 60 days unless you extend it. 

The insurance can cover your household: you, your partner, children, and up to two more people sharing your official residence. Your insurance must state the number of people in your household to guarantee coverage.

Check on My Page how many people are registered and contact us if the number is incorrect.

The insurance also covers your partner/spouse and children when they travel without you (policyholder). 

The household


It protects if you must cancel your travel because you fall ill or suffer an injury before departure. You can also cancel your journey if war breaks out or terror occurs in the country you intend to visit, or if, for example, something unexpected (like lay-off, divorce, or re-examination during the travel period) turns out.

Remember to buy Cancellation before paying for your trip.

Read more about Cancellation coverage.




Illness and injuries:

The insurance covers if you get sick or suffer an injury on your trip and need medical care, medicine, or hospitalisation.

You are entitled to receive treatment at a private hospital if:

  • The physician estimates that treatment at a public hospital is insufficient
  • If a private hospital is the only option
  • When we consider that the nearest public hospital is too far away


The insurance covers if you must interrupt your holiday and go back to Denmark due to the death of a family member, seriously ill or injured.

Likewise, there is coverage if you must go home because of, for example:

  • Fire, explosion, or flooding
  • Home or business break-ins (if reported to the police)

Search and rescue:

The insurance covers search expenses up to a radius of 50 km from the place where you were last seen in public. It also covers rescue after your localisation has been established.

Evacuation and involuntary stay:

The insurance covers if an incident occurs on your trip that requires evacuation. For example:

  • War or prelude to war
  • Epidemics
  • Terrorist acts

Evacuation and repatriation will first be on the table when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark recommends it.

Psychological support:

We cover your and your relatives’ expenses for professional psychological support during one of those abovementioned crises on the spot and upon return.

We provide transport to a hospital or home in case of illness, injury, and death during your holidays. Please be aware that our physician must first approve this measure.

Baggage delay:

It covers your expenses for buying clothes and toiletries in case of luggage delay for more than 3 hours.

Transportation delay:

The insurance covers extra expenses for accommodation and food if your flight, plane, train, ship, or bus is behind schedule by more than 3 hours at the moment of your arrival. Delay is running late to the official itinerary, including changes that the transport company or travel agency may have previously informed you.

Missed transport:

If you, involuntarily and in a completely unforeseen situation, arrive late for a means of public transport or similar arranged by a travel provider.

It provides coverage if you arrive more than 3 hours later than scheduled at your destination because your flight is running late, cancelled, or overbooked. The amount of compensation depends on whether you are flying within Europe, to Europe, or from Europe. Check out your insurance policy.



The insurance covers the following sources of damage to those personal items you bring with you on the journey and things you buy on the trip:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, and water damage
  • Theft or robbery of the luggage
  • Sudden Damage and Electronic Malfunctioning
  • Loss or damage of hand, sent, or checked-in baggage.

In addition, the insurance covers damaged or lost items when they are checked-in as baggage on flights, carried by train or bus, or sent by courier.




The insurance covers the daily cost of every ruined vacation day if one of the following scenarios and you are not entitled to a complete ruined holiday compensation:

  • Hospitalisation.
  • A medical diagnosis shows that you require rest in your holiday home.
  • Home transport or curtailment.
  • Deceased.
  • Governmental requirements for self-isolation/quarantine due to established COVID infection or close contact with a COVID-infected person. The compensation goes on equal terms to all of them with you and under the policy. The amount cannot exceed the travel amount you have previously selected.

The insurance covers the total cost of the trip if one of the following scenes occurs in the first half of the planned travel period:

  • Hospital admission for more than half of the planned travel period.
  • Early home transport or curtailment.
  • Deceased.

See the terms and conditions of your insurance.

We provide coverage, as follows, if you cannot complete your trip entirely or partly because your travel provider becomes insolvent:

  • The additional cost of your return if you are travelling.
  • The cost of the trip if you have not departed.

If you rent a holiday home turns out to be unusable, or it becomes useless while you are staying there. The reasons could be water, hail, fire, explosion, theft, terror, flooding, earthquake, or any other natural source of damage. The insurance will cover additional costs you have for accommodation and food for a similar holiday home.

If you participate in extreme sports in connection with a trip, you can get compensation if you have a crash or accident.

For example, you can get coverage for the following sports or activities:

  • Mountaineering
  • Boxing
  • Skydiving
  • Kitesurfing
  • Paragliding
  • River rafting

Please check out our list of those sports/activities that we cover.

It covers the trip expenses if you cannot participate in the planned activity of the journey because one of the following settings occurs in the first half of your vacation:

  • Hospital admission for more than half of the planned travel period
  • A diagnosis showing that you cannot participate in your planned activity for more than half of your vacation
  • You suffer a bone fracture, fracture, ligament injury, dislocation, or severe sprain that makes it impossible to participate in your planned activity for more than half of your vacation
  • Home transportation or curtailment

See the terms and conditions of your insurance.




If you are using a rented car, motorhome, motorcycle, ATV, or moped during your holiday, and you have an incident where you must pay an excess, we will cover your financial loss according to the sum you have chosen on your policy.

Read more here

It covers two days of your holidays where you mainly participate in business activities such as a fair, conference, company visit, or meeting. The days don't have to be consecutive.

The insurance covers an additional travel companion for the entire journey. You both depart, travel, and return together. The insurance covers your extra travel buddy on the same terms as you.








Which package should I choose?

Travel Insurance Basis is for you who want to make a good deal and buy travel insurance. It provides, among other things, assistance in case of illness and accident, repatriation, evacuation, and cancellation coverage. In other words, all the basic necessary insurance coverage for your travel.

Travel Insurance Extended is for you who want additional protection on your trip. In addition to the basic package, you get compensation for ruined holiday days due to illness, rental car excess if you have an accident and damage it, and compensation for luggage delay.

Travel Insurance Super is for those who want the best travel insurance coverage. You will receive a free travel vaccine jab for everyone in your household, help if the travel agency or airline goes bankrupt, compensation for flight delays, coverage of an additional travel companion (e.g., mother-in-law or playmate), and workdays during the holidays.

You can add Cancellation to all three insurance solutions.

Cancellation protects against lost holidays if you fall ill or suffer an injury before departure. The insurance also covers, among other things, war, terrorism, natural disasters, epidemics, changed travel rules, lay-off, divorce, or re-examination during the travel period.

Read more about Cancellation coverage.

What do the insurance add-ons cost?

If you already have travel insurance, you can see what the add-ons cost on My Page.

On the other hand, if you do not have travel insurance, you can calculate your price here.

Remember that you can always add or remove one of the optional coverings to your existing travel insurance on My Page.

Where does Travel Insurance cover?

If your insurance coverage is limited to Europe and Turkey, the policy will provide coverage in the following countries:

Andorra, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus (Greek part), Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Isle of Man, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.

If you travel outside the countries above, you must take out Worldwide coverage for your travel.

These terms and conditions apply for travel insurance (purchased after June 1, 2022)

Did you buy your Travel Insurance before June 1, 2022?

Read more about travel insurance (purchased before June 1, 2022).

If you already have Travel Insurance with IDA Forsikring and want to switch to the new travel insurance, please call us at +45 70 21 01 91.

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