IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring offers IDA members favorable private and business insurance policies. You are a member and not a client to IDA Forsikring. We are your insurance advisors and not salesmen that is why you get a unique service experience and benefits. You have also the possibility of getting your insurance online by using our insurance coverage calculator.

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You have access to numerous benefits as IDA member, among them cheap insurance. If you compare IDA Forsikring to other insurance companies, you can save up to 30 %.

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Maintain 85 % of your salary

Are you aware that our supplemental unemployment insurance guarantees you 85 % of your salary? It is a far better deal than simply being unemployed and only collect unemployment benefits.

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New car?

Did you know that it is you who have to register your car if you bought it from a private individual?

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Did you remember your annual travel insurance?

Are you planning your next trip? Or maybe you already bought flight tickets for your favorite destination?

It is up to you whether you wish your annual travel insurance to cover only Europe or the World.

A new insurance: child insurance

Give your children a good start in life with this insurance. You have 3 options - minimum, basic and super along additional coverages.

Child insurance minimum is for free the first year of your baby's life.

Do you have expensive electronics and design furniture at home?

As a supplement to your home content insurance, we offer you defect and accident insurance coverage. It is ideal for you because you own electronics and furniture that you want to protect.

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