Holiday cancellation coverage

Our Holiday Cancellation allows you to get compensation if you cancel your trip. It is an insurance add-on and an optional part of IDA Travel Insurance

Holiday Cancellation Cover

Benefits of IDA Holiday Cancellation Coverage

Get compensation

If you become acutely ill or something significant happens in your life, such as divorce.

Extra security for you

Add cancellation to your Travel Insurance if you appreciate extra security.

Insurance add-on

Cancellation is an insurance add-on. You can add it to your policy yourself via My Page.

What does IDA Cancellation cover? 

Cancellation covers you financially if you must cancel your holiday or trip due to an accident, illness, or unexpected event.  With this coverage, you won't lose your money and your holiday - instead, you can get your money back and postpone your holiday.  Cancellation covers:   
  • If you must cancel your trip due to an emergency or if you are injured.  
  • If family members become acutely ill.  
  • Unforeseen events include divorce, layoff, death, deferred exam, or a fire at home.  
  • In the event of terrorism, natural disasters, or epidemics in the country you plan to visit.  
Cancellation is an optional coverage to your Travel Insurance.   If Travel Insurance is purchased AFTER 1.6.2022, you must add it before buying the trip. If Travel Insurance is purchased BEFORE 1.6.2022, you must add it at least 12 days before departure.  Cancellation covers the area you have chosen for your Travel Insurance.  If you have Travel Insurance purchased AFTER 1.6.2022, you can decide how much you want the Cancellation Insurance to cover in terms of the cost of the trip.  If you had purchased IDA Travel Insurance before June 1, 2022, you cannot select the sum you wish to be covered for. In case of cancellation, the maximum amount covered by the insurance is DKK 88,221 (indexed in 2022). If you require a higher coverage amount, please get in touch with IDA Forsikring at 70 21 01 91 or send us a message.Write to IDA Forsikring and change the insured sum on your Cancellation coverage.

What does IDA Cancellation Coverage not cover? 

Cancellation does not cover the following:
  • You have IDA Travel Insurance purchased AFTER 1.6.2022, and you added it to the policy after the first payment of the trip.  
  • You have IDA Travel Insurance purchased BEFORE 1.6.2022, and you add cancellation less than 12 days before you are due to travel.  
In addition:  
  • If you decide to add cancellation coverage after the reason for cancellation has already occurred, for instance, if you had a bone fracture yesterday but added coverage today, it will not cover you if you cannot travel.
  • If you refuse medical treatment for your illness or injury before booking the trip and decide to stop medical treatment. 
  • Expenses that the travel agency, public authorities, or similar should cover. 

When should I buy cancellation coverage? 

If you purchased IDA Travel Insurance AFTER June 1, 2022, add it before paying for your trip.  Purchasing IDA Travel Insurance DEFORE June 1, 2022, must be bought at least 12 days before departure.

Does holiday cancellation protect me if I am pregnant? 

Yes - if your Travel Insurance is valid, cancellation also covers you in the event of an acute illness or if your doctor believes it is unsafe for you in your condition.  Read more about pregnancy and Travel Insurance 

What does cancellation cost? 

You cannot buy Holiday Cancellation coverage from us unless you have IDA Travel Insurance.If you already have Travel Insurance, you can see the price of this insurance add-on on My Page.If you don't have Travel Insurance, you can calculate your price here 

How do you buy holiday cancellation cover? 

If you want to add this coverage to your Travel Insurance, you can do it via My Page.   Not sure if you already have it? Log in to My Page to check your insurance policy and coverings.   Log in to My Page and view or add cancellation coverage. 


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