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IDA Forsikring as a workplace 

IDA Forsikring is a member benefit for IDA's members. We stand for good coverage at low prices. As an independent association, IDA Forsikring works for IDA's members. Members can self-serve extensively, and our team of skilled insurance advisors is ready when they need advice. Claims administration is carried out by the insurance companies we work with, Tryg, Topdanmark, ADIS, FRIDA Forsikring, Agentur and Dansk Tandforsikring. Learn more about IDA Forsikring. 


Employees and managers agree on ongoing competence development, which considers the individual department's tasks, goals and strategies and the employee's growth needs. The purpose is that the employee's value in the labour market can be maintained – and preferably increased – during employment with IDA. 
We design a flexible development of professional skills individually, and we care a lot about how the individual development process unfolds in activities where:
  • Employees learn on the job through project participation, networking, collaboration with colleagues, new tasks, and internal rotation.  
  • Get access to education and learning through internal and external courses. 
We wish that the interaction between targeted competence development and challenging tasks helps develop employees to feel they grow with the challenges and the responsibility that comes with them. 

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