Log on to My Page

Log on to My Page and get your insurance policy summary.

Log on to My page and get your insurance policy summary
We guarantee that you can always find a summary of those insurance policies you took ut with us in collaboration with Tryg Forsikring.You can also see what claims you have previously submitted and all the personal information we hold about you.

Why can I not see all my insurance policies?

'My Page' is part of tryg.dk; therefore, you can only see the insurance we offer in cooperation with Tryg.

Supplemental Unemployment Insurance

Log in and see your Supplemental Unemployment Insurance at Topdanmark.dk.This means the following insurance products cannot be found on 'My Page' (we provide these in cooperation with other partners).
  • Business Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
If you have one or more of these insurance policies, you must save your policies and other documents so that you can always see what coverage you have.

Can I only see my insurance policies?

That is right, yet you also have the opportunity to see your partner's, spouse's or grown-up children's insurance policy. All that is required is that you all enter my page (on tryg.dk) and give your permission (proxy) for it.To begin, log in to My Page. Then, they authorize each other to gain access to all insurance policies. Once you grant permission, you and those authorized can view all insurance policies on My Page.

What should I know when I read my policy summary?

In your policy summary, you can only see the insurance policies where you are the policyholder.Also, note that 
  • The insurance you took out within the last 4-6 weeks is not shown in the summary.
  • Those policies terminated shortly are listed in the summary (One insurance policy automatically terminates the day the insurance policy ends).
  • The summary shows only the insurance that IDA Forsikring provides through Tryg. This means you can not see any insurance we provide in cooperation with other companies (such as Dental Insurance, Group Life Insurance and Supplemental Unemployment Insurance).

The premiums listed in your summary do not include all taxes and fees. This means that the prices on the list differ from the amount you pay.

Why have I received more than one policy summary?

You have received more than one policy summary if
  • both you and your partner/spouse have insurance with us. For example, you will receive a policy summary if you have accident insurance.
  • You have several discount deals: gold, graduate and student discounts.

Have you ensured everything that matters to you?

A lot of things occur in a year. Your insurance must adjust when your needs change. Think of your dear ones, car, house, travel and anything else that matters to you. In our insurance calculator, you can see prices and coverage and buy your insurance fast and easy. You can also contact us at 70 21 01 91 if you need help to clarify your personal needs.

Why can I not see my car insurance on the policy summary?

Your car insurance will not appear on the list if you have purchased it recently. We strive to issue your policy within three weeks, and as soon as it is done, you will also be able to see it when you log in to My Page.

I got gold, cand and student discount.

If you enjoy several discount deals with us, you will receive a summary of each discount deal.Example:If you are a student, your home contents- and accident insurance will be on a student basis agreement, but if at the same time you have a car, the car insurance will be charged according to a gold discount deal.This means you get two insurance policy summaries: one with your student insurance (home contents and accident) and another with your auto insurance alone.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about IDA Forsikring's insurance products, including coverage and additional options.

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