IDA TRYGhed keeps you safe
IDA TRYGhed keeps you safe

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When you purchase home contents insurance from IDA Forsikring, you automatically gain access to IDA TRYGhed, which provides several benefits that give you peace of mind in your daily life. Keep reading to find out more about IDA TRYGhed.

How do I get IDA TRYGhed?

When you have home contents insurance with us, you automatically get IDA TRYGhed. This benefit means free access to Tryg ID, Tryg i Livet, and Tryg Lægehotline. IDA TRYGhed is a collaboration between us and Tryg.If you want to enjoy more benefits, you can choose from the following options:To opt-in for these options, please get in touch with Tryg at 78 75 90 23. 

Who covers IDA TRYGhed?

IDA TRYGhed covers you, your partner and your children with a registered address at your address. It does not cover tenants and lodgers. IDA TRYGhed only applies when you live in Denmark. 

I cancelled my home contents insurance. What should I do now?

If you cancel your Home Contents Insurance, you will no longer be eligible for IDA TRYGhed benefits. 

Can Tryg Forsikring modify its benefits program?

Tryg Forsikring has the right to change or terminate IDA TRYGhed with one month's notice by 1 January or 1 July each year. It should be noted that some of the benefits are based on cooperation agreements with external suppliers. Tryg Forsikring also reserves the right to modify the content of these agreements by either 1 January or 1 July each year.