Home Contents Insurance

IDA Forsikring’s Home contents insurance covers the contents within your home. Picture it as a safety net for your daily life and activities.

The special feature of home contents insurance is that it is based on a basic coverage and a number of optional coverage that you can purchase if required. We know that people are different and we take that into account by offering different coverages. When you buy your Home contents insurance, you will also be covered through IDA TRYGhed, which among other things gives you access to advice and assistance if someone is abusing your identity.

Your belongings are always covered

Your belongings are always covered

There is no insured sum limit, so you no longer need to assess your total value.

Your entire household is covered

Your entire household is covered

You, your partner and your children, as well as up to two extra people sharing your home address and residence can also be included.

Adapted to your needs

Adapted to your needs

The insurance includes an excellent basic coverage, and you can add extra protection with three different options depending on your demands.

The insurance covers

The forms are indicative and are an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

Home contents insurance
Basic coverage

You are covered if damage occurs to your property after fire, lightning or explosion.

Your belongings are covered if one or more personal items get stolen. Your coverage depends on whether the event took place inside or outside your home and whether your home and/or property has been properly locked.

Especially for bike theft - you can choose from seven different insurance sums - depending on your needs:

  • DKK 13.359
  • Dkk 27.832
  • DKK 55.665
  • DKK 83.498
  • DKK 111.331
  • DKK 139.164
  • DKK 166.997


You are coved when and if you are met with a demand for compensation for other persons property that has been damaged or lost in your possession. It is a prerequisite that the injured person is not covered by insurance and that you are legally responsible.

The insurance includes IDA TRYGhed. IDA TRYGhed offers several benefits - e.g help and counselling if your identity gets stolen.

Read more about IDA TRYGhed. 

You are covered if someone with fake intentions gets access to your home or property.

You are economically secured in certain types of conflicts that must be settled in court. You are also covered in case of mediation, which is a voluntary form of conflict settlement.

You can read more in the insurance conditions under article 8.

You are covered if an installation in your home shortens or if a random power outage ruins your food, you are covered.

It covers your personal items in case of road accidents where you are on a bicycle, by car or by public transport. If your own means of transport is damaged - for instance, your bike - it is not covered. Add Extended Bicycle Damage if you would like to cover your bicycle.

Your property is covered in relation to the damage that a building insurance covers for example storm or flooding where the water has penetrated through natural leaks.

Your baggage registered in a train or aircraft in Denmark is covered by damage and loss or theft. Values like gold, silver, jewelry and money are not covered in checked baggage.

You are covered if your baggage is lost or subject to being damage when you are travelling. Values like gold, silver, jewelry and money are not covered in checked baggage.

You are covered when and if other people intentionally cause damage to your belongings.

You are covered if someone uses or threatens to use violence, and in the event, you get damaged or lose some of your things.

You are covered if water, oil or other liquid elements suddenly run out of your home from pipework.


You are covered by sudden damage even when you are responsible. For example, if you break a vase, or sit on your glasses.

Your electronic items are covered by sudden damage and malfunction for up to four years from the date of purchase. The insurance also covers in case of sudden damage to electronics that are older. However, you should be aware that compensation is calculated based on the market value of a similar new item, including depreciation. A fixed excess of DKK 1,135 (2020) applies on each claim.

Your bicycle is protected against theft and vandalism with a basic coverage, but you need to take out Extended Bike Damage if you want to protect your bike from damage that happens if you crash in traffic. If you choose this option, your bikes are also protected against all sudden damages and during transport - eg if you are going on a bicycle holiday and traveling by plane.

You can choose from four different insurance numbers - all depending on your needs:

  • DKK 13.628
  • DKK 28.392 
  • DKK 56.784 
  • DKK 85.176
  • DKK 113.569
  • DKK 141.961
  • DKK 170.353  

You have to choose the amount that corresponds to the most expensive bicycle you own and add the value of accessories. Please note that there is an excess of DKK 1,703 (2020) and that you must be able to present documentation and the bicycle frame serial number for compensation.

Add 'Special Coverage' to your insurance if you would like to cover precious items that are not normally covered by your current home contents insurance. It can for example be expensive jewelry, watches, photo equipment and musical instruments among other things. If you decide to add 'special coverage' to cover your expensive watch, you will be covered if you lose it (probability must be certain) or drop and break it. Please note that there is an excess of DKK 1,135 (2020) is applied and documentation of covered special valuables is required (eg receipt).