Who is IDA Forsikring?

 IDA Forsikring is an offer for you and your family to take out insurance with good coverage at lower prices. As an independent association, IDA Forsikring works for IDA’s members.

IDA Forsikring is an independent organization and is managed by its own board, which independently determines the product range and price levels. There are therefore no shareholders requiring a dividend, but only members requiring advice.

Premiums can be kept at a very low level, because the members take care of their property and because IDA Forsikring is run very efficiently. This is supported by very low operating costs.

All insurance advice is provided by IDA Forsikring's own advisers, but the handling of claims is carried out by the insurance companies that we work with: Tryg, Topdanmark, ADIS, FRIDA Forsikring Agentur and Dansk Tandforsikring.