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Your home is your haven. But unfortunately, it's vulnerable to potential damage. Building insurance ensures you won't incur a substantial bill for damages from fire, weather, or pests.

Building insurance - questions and answers
With IDA Forsikring, you can obtain building insurance at possibly the lowest price in Denmark without sacrificing coverage. Customise your insurance to fit your specific needs.

Three compelling reasons to invest in building insurance

Building insurance provides financial protection, ensuring you won't face an overwhelming bill in case of damages to your home. Here are three excellent reasons to invest in building insurance:

Compensation for fire

Receive coverage for damage caused by fire, including incidents like lightning strikes, explosions, damages to electrical installations, or soot from cooking or candles.

Coverage against storm and water damage

Stay protected if weather conditions damage your home, including storm damage or water damage from heavy rain, leading to flooding in your house.

Assistance against damages from pests

If you encounter pest problems in your home, you are well covered. Receive financial assistance if pests, such as rats, cause damage to your house.

Unlock additional benefits with building insurance

Building insurance is a wise choice for financial security and peace of mind. It includes:
  • Compensation for broken glass and sanitary fixtures.
  • Coverage for sudden damages, such as theft or vandalism.
  • Legal assistance in case of conflicts, such as buying or selling property.
  • Financial security and assurance that your home is covered in case of damages.
In short, building insurance ensures that your home is well-protected from damages, and you won't be weighed down by unmanageable bills, allowing you to rest easy.

Save money and secure instant coverage

Explore your potential savings with our online calculator for building insurance. In just a few steps, calculate how much you can save and secure the insurance promptly to provide immediate coverage.

Solid standard coverage for building insurance

Facing a massive bill due to unexpected damages to your home would be unfortunate. With our building insurance, you receive solid standard coverage for unforeseen events.Explore the coverage you receive as a homeowner in the graphic below.

IDA Building Insurance


Basic coverage



Customise your building insurance according to your needs

At IDA Forsikring, you can easily tailor your building insurance to fit your home and needs.You can do this by selecting additional coverages to secure your house best. If you already have building insurance and wish to make adjustments, you can conveniently do so on My Page. Here, you can add or remove options and view the costs associated with your choices.


Terms and Conditions & product information

Building Insurance

The following terms and conditions apply to IDA Building Insurance.



Terms and Conditions & product information

Building Insurance

The following terms and conditions apply to IDA Building Insurance.



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