Building insurance

If you own a house, building insurance is an invaluable foundation and a common requirement of many lending institutions.

As a home-owner, you know that your house is a major investment and an important framework for your home and family life. A house insurance policy is thus an indispensable basis for security in the home, and it is usually also a requirement from mortgage institutions. You have an option to combine the insurance elements exactly according to your own personal requirements. 

Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance

Get assistance with for example tree felling, removing wasps’ nest, roof snow removal and thawing of frozen pipes.

Extended Coverage for water damage

Extended Coverage for water damage

You can add protection to your house against water damage - for example, by a leak in a visible installation.

More Security

More Security

This cover protects your building materials, landscaping, malfunctioning of, for example, alarms and damage caused by uninvited pests.

Have you purchased or changed your insurance before 1 October 2018?

IDA’s Building insurance have been improved. If you purchased the insurance before 1 October 2018, you are covered by terms other than those you can see here.

See how your building insurance covers (if purchased before 1 October).

The insurance covers

The forms are indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

Building insurance
Basic coverage

Fire damage covers several situations where your house may be damaged. For example, your house is protected against:

  • Fire
  • Direct lightning
  • Explosion
  • Soot and smoke damage: e.g. candles and cooking
  • Damage to electrical wiring or installations

Storm damage etc.
Your house is protected against, for example, the following weather damage:

  • Storm
  • Pipes freeze and burst
  • Roof snow pressure, avalanche and hail
  • Water damage due to another covered event
  • Extreme thaw or rain falls that lead to flooding

In addition, you are also protected against sudden damage to your house due to e.g.:

  • Break-ins and vandalism
  • Pouring of water, oil, coolant liquid and steam (for example from aquariums)

Glass and sanitary ware
Your house is protected against damages that ruin your glass and sanitation ware, making it useless due to fractures, scaling or scratches.

The following types of glass are covered:

  • Windows and doors
  • Shower doors
  • Hotplates and oven doors

For example, the following sanitation is covered:

  • Washbasin and kitchen sink
  • Toilet bowl, bidet and cisterns

Homeowner liability
Your house is protected if you face a lawsuit for damages and will be held legally responsible for damage.

Legal assistance
You are covered if a dispute erupts in connection with, for example, construction at home and purchase or sale of property. It is a prerequisite that you can reasonably win the case.

Your house is protected against damage caused by e.g.:

  • Leaks in the piping installations and faults in those cables that you are required to maintain.
  • Leaks in drainage installations, which could result in malfunction or damage to the building.

In addition, you are protected against secondary damages following those mentioned above, as well as the expenses that may be related to the search or localization of the leakage once agreed with us.

Your house is protected against damage caused by e.g.:

  • Leaks in hidden pipe installations
  • Hose leaks located behind built-in hard ware incl. refrigerator and freezer cabinet with water supply
  • Fault in hidden electrical cables used for room heating

In addition, you are protected against secondary damages following those mentioned above, as well as the expenses that may be related to the search or localization of the leakage.

Hidden pipes and cables are defined as installations that you do not have direct access to - for instance, behind the molding or hidden installations in walls or floors.

This option cover can only be taken out along Basic coverage and Electric lines damage.

Your house is protected against attacks from insects and fungi, which weaken the construction's durability and bearing capacity.

It covers damage to wood caused by fungus and / or bacteria that affects timber load-bearing ability. Rot damage in windows and doors is also covered. Please note that the insurance does not cover superficial rot in wood being exposed to high humidity. Therefore, the insurance does not cover the exterior of the house's wooden structures, such as panel fascia, eaves framing and visible rafters.

This optional cover can be selected only when you have taken out Basic Coverage followed by Insect and rot fungus.

Your house is protected against water damage in case of:

  • Sudden water damage – e.g. water flow into the building foundation, basement floor and/or walls or roof constructions
  • Rising groundwater or sewage
  • Snow drift
  • Leak from visible installations – e.g. water from radiators or aquariums.

You are covered for 50% of the expenses fixing cosmetic differences. It consists of two subdivisions:

  • Ceramic and vitrified tiles - in connection to a covered claim concerning hidden pipes and/cable.
  • Glass and sanitary ware - in connection to a covered claim of glass and sanitation.

The improvement is limited to, for example:

  • An area corresponding to the space for the cosmetic damage (floor and wall tiles, and sanitary ware)
  • Part of a window or door (glass)

This optional cover is for you who wish to add protection to your house and property:

  • Construction materials - theft, vandalism and sudden damage to construction materials.
  • Functional failure - faults and failures in e.g. major appliances (i.e. fridge etc.), burglar alarm system and electric awnings.
  • Damage caused by animals - repair or replacement of damaged building parts in residential home areas. - for example, if a rat snuggles into the house and destroys the floor.
  • Gardening - theft, vandalism, or if an unknown and uninvited guest drive into your landscape.

You are protected if you need assistance in preventing or limiting perils at your house. For example, this cover may be helpful in case of:

  • Tree Felling
  • Frost and snow: Defrosting frozen water pipes and clearing large amounts of snow on your roof
  • Capture of animals - wild birds, hedgehogs and snakes
  • Removal of wasps’ nest
  • Removal of black garden ants