Health insurance

Health insurance allows fast access to necessary medical services, enabling a speedy return to daily activities. Our processing time for treatment approval is 1-2 business days, and we are happy to assist with determining the appropriate care needed.

Health insurance - fast access to health care services
Health insurance also delivers straight access to a Stress-free line. Our experienced psychologists are ready to help you, so you can recover faster if you experience stress. You can select between two insurance coverages: Health Insurance and Health Insurance Plus.

Benefits of IDA Health insurance

Stress-Free Line

If you start experiencing symptoms of stress, it's essential to seek help from an experienced psychologist for quick access to support.

Acute therapy

We guarantee quick access to therapy and help you find a therapist if you wish.

Upgrade to Plus

With Health Insurance Plus, you can enjoy improved coverage in an accident.

What does IDA Health Insurance cover?

If you're looking for reliable healthcare coverage, choose Health Insurance Plus. With some of the best insurance coverage available, you'll have quick access to healthcare services whenever needed. Plus, you'll receive additional benefits, such as a second opinion for life-threatening diseases. If you experience an accident, Health Insurance Plus offers even better coverage to help you recover.Look at the coverage provided by Health Insurance and Health Insurance Plus. Please note that the table provided only summarises the insurance terms and conditions and should only be used for illustrative purposes. Compensation will be evaluated and calculated following the rules outlined in the insurance terms and conditions.

Health insurance coverage






Terms and Conditions & product information

Health Insurance

The following terms and conditions apply to IDA Health Insurance.


Nordea Pension

Terms and Conditions & product information

Health Insurance

The following terms and conditions apply to IDA Health Insurance.


Nordea Pension

What is not covered by IDA Health Insurance?

  • Free care you can get from your physician or in a public emergency room.
  • Dental care
  • Alternative and experimental treatment
  • Special care without a referral letter from your GP

How can I file a claim on my Health Insurance?

Your health insurance is administered by Nordea Liv (formerly Topdanmark). Therefore, You can view your insurance and file claims on Nordea Liv's website.See your insurance and file a claim.

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