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Don't let the cost of medical treatments burden you. Prioritise your health with our health insurance, providing swift treatment and financial coverage to get you back on your feet quickly.

Health insurance - fast access to health care services
At IDA Forsikring, we offer thorough coverage without the hefty price tag – possibly the lowest in Denmark. Choose between standard coverage or the Health Insurance Plus option.

Three compelling reasons for health insurance

The expenses can quickly accumulate when facing the possibility of treatment at a private hospital or seeking care from a chiropractor. Health insurance acts as your financial safety net.

Access to private hospitals

Avoid long waits at public hospitals and gain access to private healthcare for swift treatment, with the expenses covered.

Coverage for physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment

Whether it's addressing a stiff neck, recurring issues, or other concerns, enjoy coverage for treatments with physiotherapists or chiropractors.

Treatment for addiction and diseases

Access various treatment programs, including alcohol or gambling addiction, as well as acute and chronic illnesses.

Your health insurance has additional benefits

Investing in health insurance protects your well-being and offers additional perks. Here are some extra benefits:
  • Receive essential psychological support and crisis intervention when needed.
  • Get coverage for cosmetic surgery expenses resulting from accidents.
  • Benefit from Stressfri, where experienced psychologists help manage and overcome stress.
Paying for treatments out of pocket can be a significant financial burden. Health insurance ensures that your expenses are covered, providing peace of mind and eliminating concerns about affording the proper treatment.

Save money – switch to affordable health insurance

If you already have health insurance but want to save money, consider switching to possibly the most affordable insurance on the market.At IDA Forsikring, we make it easy for you to cancel and transfer your insurance to us. We take care of all the practicalities.Contact us at 70 21 01 91 or click the link below.

Understanding your health insurance coverage

Our health insurance offers two coverage options: standard and plus. Both options provide comprehensive coverage. However, if you opt for Health Insurance Plus, you will receive even better coverage in critical situations. For example, you will have the option to receive a second opinion from another doctor in the case of life-threatening illnesses.Refer to the chart below to see the standard and plus coverage details.

Health insurance coverage






What’s not covered by health insurance?

While our health insurance covers a wide range, there are specific areas it does not cover:
  • Treatment which is available for free from your doctor or public emergency room
  • Dental treatments
  • Alternative and experimental treatments
  • Specialist treatment without a referral from your general practitioner

Where to report health insurance claims?

At IDA Forsikring, we collaborate with Nordea Pension on your health insurance.Therefore, you can view and report claims on your health insurance at Nordea Pension.If you need advice about the insurance, call them at 70 33 99 00 Monday-Thursday from 08:30-16:00 and Friday from 09:00-15:00.

Terms and Conditions & product information

Health Insurance

The following terms and conditions apply to IDA Health Insurance.


Nordea Pension

Terms and Conditions & product information

Health Insurance

The following terms and conditions apply to IDA Health Insurance.


Nordea Pension

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