Business health insurance: Board coverage for your employees

When employees fall ill, your company incurs unforeseen costs and may experience revenue loss. Business health insurance is your investment in your employees, reducing sick leave and caring for those who keep your business running smoothly.

Business health insurance
IDA Forsikring partners with ADIS to provide appealing business health insurance at possibly Denmark's best price. This ensures your employees quick access to the proper treatment.

Why business health insurance matters

Business health insurance is your key to ensuring the well-being of both yourself and your employees, eliminating worries about long waiting times or securing appropriate treatments.

Fast access to treatment

You are assured quick access to assistance, guidance, and care, including examinations and treatments – at both public and private hospitals.

Coverage for specialist treatments

Whether you're grappling with neck issues, struggling with your mental health, or facing other challenges, our business health insurance covers you. You can benefit from coverage for treatments with professionals like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and psychologists, among other specialists.

Coverage for addiction treatments and diseases

The insurance covers expenses for addiction or substance abuse treatments, including those for alcohol or drug addiction. This can be added as an add-on to the basic coverage.

Additional benefits of business health insurance

By opting for business health insurance, you prioritise the well-being of yourself and your employees and protect your company's financial stability. Here are more advantages:
  • Coverage for medication expenses following a hospital stay.
  • Coverage for home assistance after treatment.
Fast and efficient treatment can reduce sick leave among your employees, minimising financial losses during periods of company illness. Business health insurance offers a layer of financial security.

Effortlessly transition your insurance

It's not difficult or time-consuming to switch your insurance to IDA Forsikring. In fact, in just a few minutes, you can potentially save several thousand Danish Kroner.
Upon accepting our offer and requesting the termination of your existing insurance, we'll smoothly handle the transfer. For assistance, you can reach out to ADIS at 70 27 77 13.

Coverages included in IDA Business Health Insurance

When you opt for business health insurance with IDA Forsikring, you receive extensive coverage. This protection is applicable 24/7 – whether you're working or off-duty.For additional customisation, explore our optional add-ons.Discover the primary coverage and available add-ons below.

IDA Business Health Insurance


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Essential information about workplace insurance

As an employer, caring for your employees' well-being involves offering business health insurance – even though it's not mandatory.However, providing insurance coverage for workplace accidents and occupational diseases is mandatory.But what's the difference between a workplace accident and an occupational disease?

Workplace accident

A workplace accident is a sudden injury related to your job.
  • The injury can be physical or mental.
  • It must have happened as a result of your work or the conditions in which it was performed.
  • The injury should happen suddenly or within five days.
Examples of workplace accidents include falls, traffic incidents, or heavy lifting over a short period leading to back issues.

Occupational diseases

Occupational diseases are disorders or illnesses caused by your work or your work conditions. These diseases can develop over time – for example, as a result of repetitive movements or a noisy working environment.Occupational diseases can include:
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Tennis elbow
  • Hearing loss
Workplace accidents are covered through employers' liability insurance. Our partner, ADIS, offers office insurance that includes mandatory employers' liability insurance.Occupational diseases are covered if you're registered with the National Board of Industrial Injuries (AES).For more detailed information on workplace accidents and occupational diseases, visit

Terms and Conditions & product information

Business Health Insurance

To view the insurance policy, kindly get in touch with ADIS by dialling +45 70 27 70 72 or sending an email to



Terms and Conditions & product information

Business Health Insurance

To view the insurance policy, kindly get in touch with ADIS by dialling +45 70 27 70 72 or sending an email to



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