Get your summer house ready for autumn

Follow our simple advice and recommendations- and prevent future damage.

Every summer you have a great time in your summer house. The summer is now coming to an end and you spend less time there. Most summer houses would be empty and uninhabited by autumn. Before you leave your summer house, you should get it ready for autumn and winter. This is an excellent measure to prevent future damage.

Here you have some good advice and recommendations you can follow before you leave your summer house:

  • Shut off the main water valve and empty water pipelines and taps before you leave.
  • Turn off power at the electrical panel, but only if you do not need it for maintaining the house. If so, unplug electronics and turn off water heater.
  • Use linseed oil if you need to pain the house, it is a major water resistant.
  • Look after material damage and opening holes around the building to prevent moisture incursions.

Remember the insurance

Have you purchased Summer House Insurance? If you haven’t, please read more about our Summer House Insurance or get a quote online. Summer House Insurance covers your property and offers you comfort if future damage occurs, safety makes you feel good.