Does travel insurance cover you if you are chronically ill or pregnant?

Do you have a chronic condition? Are you pregnant? Or over 80? In these cases, you should take a health test to figure out whether your Travel Insurance provides coverage.

IDA Travel Insurance only covers acute illness and injuries that occur while you are on holiday

If you have a chronic condition, are pregnant, over 80, or have been ill recently, make sure your Travel Insurance provides coverage.

Remember to take a health test before you book a trip

Tryg, in cooperation with Falck, has made a health test that tells you if your health is good enough to be covered by your travel insurance or if you need a medical assessment.

If we need more information about your health, the test will ask you to contact Falck Global Assistance. They will perform a preliminary medical assessment and determine whether the insurance policy will cover you. 

Take the health test at Falck Global Assistance

When is it necessary to take the health test?

Generally speaking, you should take a health test and get an assessment in the following situations:

  • Turn 80 years of age or older.
  • You have a life-threatening illness.
  • Have a chronic illness that has not been stable for the last two months or before you bought the trip.
  • Have a chronic or existing illness and have received new or emergency treatment within two months of departure.
  • Have been treated for an injury - for example, if you have an arm bone fracture that is not yet fully mobile.
  • A referral for further assessment.
  • You are pregnant with complications and have been to the doctor, hospitalised, or changed medication in the last two months. In addition, if you are going for a check-up with a midwife or at the hospital.

When is it not necessary to take the health test?

You don't need to take the test if:

  • You are temporarily sick - for example, with the flu, catch a cold, or get sinusitis. It is essential that you no longer have symptoms of infection.
  • You have had regular medical check-ups for your chronic illness and no changes in your treatment.

Pregnant and insurance coverage during the trip

If you are pregnant and have taken the health test and have coverage, IDA Travel Insurance will cover the cost of any health emergency or injury. 

Remember to check the airline's pregnancy regulations before you fly. The rules may vary from airline to airline, and some of them demand a medical certificate. 

You can also add cancellation coverage to your policy if you want to be able to cancel your trip, for example, in the event of an emergency. Cancellation coverage also covers you if your doctor holds health concerns about your pregnancy, namely, if there is a risk that you will give birth prematurely.

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