Tryg Medical Hotline: Get medical help at weekends and on holidays

Tryg Medical Hotline offers you quick access to a medical consultation when you are on holiday without available medical assistance.

What is Tryg Medical Hotline?

Tryg Medical Hotline is a digital service that allows you to contact a physician online via your mobile phone, computer, or tablet, outside work hours, or when you are far away from home.

The service complements your GP, so you can get advice from a health professional at weekends and evenings when you do not have access to your GP.

Tryg Medical Hotline also offers you access to a Danish doctor if you are on holiday abroad.

What can Tryg Medical Hotline do for you?

Tryg Medical Hotline can:

  • Give you guidance and medical advice here and now.
  • Write out a prescription if necessary.
  • Refer to the nearest emergency room for physical examination.
  • Assess if your illness or injury can wait until the next consultation of your doctor.

Tryg Medical Hotline cannot help you if:

  • You have questions about ongoing treatment, or you wish assistance with an existing illness. In this case, you should clarify your questions in consultation with your GP.
  • Renewal of prescription.
  • If you need urgent medical attention - contact an ambulance instead.

How do I get Tryg Medical Hotline?

If you have IDA Home Contents Insurance, you also have access to this benefit as part of IDA TRYGhed.
A consultation costs DKK149. 

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If you have travel insurance purchased after 1.6.2022, you can also use the Tryg Medical Hotline during your holiday abroad. It is free for you to use the Tryg Medical Hotline.

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How do I use the Tryg Medical Hotline?

If you want to use the Tryg Medical Hotline via mobile phone or a tablet such as an iPad, you need to download the free Tryg Health app.

Download Tryg Health for iPhone

Download Tryg Health for Android

You can also use the Tryg Medical Hotline online from your computer.

Use Tryg Medical Hotline online via a computer

How does a consultation with Tryg Medical Hotline work?

The consultation at the Tryg Medical Hotline takes place via video. In doing so, the doctor would be able to see you as a patient.

You must log in with your NemID - even if you are not the patient. 

If you use the medical hotline via the Tryg Health app, you pay with the credit card that you have previously provided.

When is the Tryg Medical Hotline open?

Tryg Medical Hotline opening hours are when your GP is normally closed. This means:

  • Weekdays from 16 - 22
  • Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from 9 am to 5 pm.