Protect your computer and phone with your Home Contents Insurance

Save money - Extended Electronic coverage in your Home Contents Insurance protects all your electronic devices.

Electronic devices insurance coverage: Protect your computer and phone with your Home Contents Insurance
  • Did you spill water on your computer?
  • Did you drop and break your cell phone?
  • Or is your TV cracked or damaged after the warranty expired?
If you have Home Contents Insurance with IDA Forsikring, you can add extended electronic coverage to your policy, which covers all the electronic devices in your household, for instance, a laptop, iPad, phone, TVS printer, and robot garden mower. Please note that we cover malfunctioning four years from the date of purchase.This insurance add-on can save you money because you do not have to buy insurance coverage every time you buy an electrical device. Instead, you get cheap insurance that covers all your electrical items at once.

Extended electronic coverage

You can add extended electronic coverage to your current Home Contents Insurance with IDA Forsikring or add it when you take out home contents insurance.Extended electronic covers:
  • Sudden damage to your electrical devices.
  • Malfunctioning, i.e., mechanical or electronic failure that makes it impossible to use your broken device. The insurance covers four years from the date of purchase.
  • Damage caused by short circuit, induction, high voltage, or the like.
  • Sudden damage because of direct contact with water, fluids, or humidity.
  • Physical damage during a road accident, for instance, a clash, overturning, or pedestrian collision.
  • Physical damage during transportation in a boat, ship, or ferry, and you are on board when the accident occurs.
On My Page, you can see if you already have this coverage. You can also see what it costs to buy and add it to your existing Home Contents Insurance.Log in to My Page to see the price and buy it

Check the excess on your Home Contents Insurance

If you bought your Home Contents Insurance before August 23, an excess of DKK1,183 per claim would apply. In other words, you cover DKK1,183 of the total amount if your computer or phone breaks.However, you can now choose DKK0 in excess with our new home contents, including electronic damage.Do you want to reduce your excess? Please, reach IDA Forsikring at 70 21 01 91.
  • My child has a school-provided iPad or computer. Does the school have insurance that covers?: In principle, the school is responsible for any damage of school-provided devices. This is because schools cannot disclaim responsibility when students are required to use a computer or iPad in class. If the school's insurance does not cover, your Home Contents Insurance will cover school-provided devices such as a laptop or tablet against fire, water and theft. Borrowed items are also covered against sudden damage for the first 30 days with an excess applied.

  • Does my Home Contents Insurance cover gardening power tools, including lawnmowers?: The insurance covers garden power tools, including ride-on lawnmowers (max 25 hp) and robotic mowers, up to DKK 58,033 (index 2021), in the garage and the outbuilding. Outside the building means, for instance, the garden, there is coverage up to the limit insured amount outdoors.

  • Does my Home Contents Insurance cover drones?: Yes, but only under certain circumstances. If your drone is stolen or destroyed by fire, then it is covered. However, the drone must weigh less than 7 kg and be used exclusively as a hobby.
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