Group life insurance - life insurance or critical illness insurance
Group life insurance - life insurance or critical illness insurance

Group life insurance: Ensure financial security for your family

Facing a sudden critical illness or the loss of a loved one can bring emotional strain and financial challenges. Group life insurance offers your family a crucial financial safety net during difficult times.

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Three good reasons to have group life insurance

In case of the unexpected, such as loss of life or facing a severe health condition, the impact on your family can be both emotional and financial. Here are three essential reasons why group life insurance is crucial:
  1. Financial security for your family in case of accidental death: If you pass away suddenly due to an accident, your family is financially protected. Your closest relatives receive a payout, ensuring their financial stability.
  2. Financial security for your family in case of death due to illness: If you succumb to illness, your family receives monetary compensation. Your closest relatives get the payout, providing them with essential financial support.
  3. Payout for critical illness: Facing an acute illness, you receive a tax-free payout. This can ease the financial strain, covering treatment costs or adapting your home to your needs during a challenging period.

Added benefits of group life insurance

In addition to the emotional challenges of facing serious illness or loss, your family may encounter financial difficulties. Group life insurance is designed to offer valuable support, providing these extra benefits:
  • The insurance also covers terminal illnesses, offering financial help during difficult times.
  • You have the choice of selecting between two coverage amounts.
  • You can decide who will receive the financial compensation.
  • You gain assurance that you've established a solid financial foundation for your family.
  • Ensuring your loved ones receive financial compensation can make a significant impact, potentially allowing your family to continue living in your home.
While group life insurance can't eliminate the grief caused by death or critical illness, it serves as a valuable tool to alleviate some of the financial burdens for your family.

Areas where the insurance doesn't apply

Although the insurance offers extensive coverage, there are specific situations where you are not covered:
  • Coverage is not provided for illnesses diagnosed before the creation of the insurance.
  • The insurance does not apply to diagnoses made within the first three months after purchase.
  • The insurance does not cover subsequent diagnoses of the same type of illness. However, special rules may apply in the case of cancer.