Cat Insurance

Without an insurance policy, you have to pay the veterinary bill if your cat gets an accident or gets sick. With a Cat Insurance you get the necessary help when your cat needs it.

Good Basic Coverage

Good Basic Coverage

Illness and Accident secure you cover for your cat's treatment, surgery and admission, as well as a large variety of scans

Teeth og Medicine

Teeth og Medicine

The option includes coverage of tooth resorptions, which is a widespread feline dental disease in cats.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Take out this option if you wish to cover expenses for rehabilitation after an accident or illness with e.g. physical or chiropractic therapy.

Cat Insurance
Basic Coverage

It covers your cat's need for examination, treatment, surgery and admission to a veterinarian in case of illness, condition or accident. It also covers, for example

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • MRI scanning
  • CT scanning

as well as extra charges at the veterinarian during consultation in the evening, at weekends and on holidays.


You can get covered expenses for your cat's physical treatment and rehabilitation after a condition when this is prescribed by a veterinarian. The treatment can be, for example, physical or chiropractic therapy, laser therapy or acupuncture.

You can choose to insure yourself on the expenses of treating your cat's teeth, as well as veterinarian medications, neck collars and bandages. For example, your cat may be covered in cases of

  • gum and root inflammation
  • toothache
  • root filling

The insurance also covers tooth resorptions, which is a widespread dental and oral cavity disease in cats (most often abbreviated TR or FORL).

If you, your partner or your child under the age of 18 are admitted to a hospital or pass away, with this option you can secure your dog care in an animal shelter or private place. Care is covered for up to 30 days on admission and 60 days on death. Transport for delivery and collection to and from the care center is also covered.

If you travel with your cat, you can, in case of urgency, cover expenses for e.g. admission to and treatment in an animal hospital abroad.

Travelling with you covers, for example, the following:

  • Euthanasia and cremation.
  • Accommodation for extended stay for one person and accompanying children under 18, if there are no other travelers over 18 years of age.
  • Replacement of certificates in case of theft of baggage abroad.
  • Medicine, neck collar and dressing as a result of disease, illness or accident.

The option covers travel in EU/EEA countries incl. the Faroe Islands and Greenland for up to three months. We recommend that you always have a Travel Insurance with you. It provides care for your dog if you are hospitalized abroad.

The insurance covers if your cat dies or must be euthanized. For indoor cats, the price of a kitten of the same breed and pedigree is covered or up to the sum you choose when you take out the insurance. The same terms rule for outdoor cats, but only 50% if the death or euthanasia is due to a collision.