What is a Cat Insurance?

A cat insurance is not mandatory, but it can help you in many cases if your cat suffers from a health condition and needs medical attention.

If you choose to insure your cat, you are financially covered if your cat becomes ill or is exposed to an accident or a health condition.

Is there a liability insurance for cats?

If you wish coverage in relation to the damage caused by your cat on someone else’s belongings and furniture – e.g. your neighbor's terrace cover - you can be covered by Liability, which is part of the basic coverage if you have a home contents insurance with us. On the other hand, if your cat causes damage to your own belongings and/or furniture, it is at your own expense.

The basic coverage ensures your cat in case of illness and accident

Illness and Accident are always included when you choose to take out insurance for your cat. It offers you, among other things, financial security if your cat gets sick, suffers from a condition or an accident. The insurance covers examination, treatment, surgery and admission to a veterinarian and includes, for example, X-ray and a variety of scanning such as ultrasound, MRI and CT. If needed during the evening, the weekend or public holidays, you also get compensated for extra charges, which the veterinarian most often requires in consultation and treatment on these days.

Physical treatment, rehabilitation and coverage of oral cavity inflammation

You can take out the option Treatment and Rehabilitation, which, among other things, covers if your cat needs rehabilitation as a result of illness or accident. Rehabilitation includes, for example, physiotherapy, chiropractic, laser therapy and acupuncture. You can also take out the Teeth and Medicine, which covers the cost of treating periodontal diseases, including the common oral cavity disease and tooth resorptions (most often abbreviated TR or FORL).

Travelling with you, Care and Life Insurance

If you bring your cat with you abroad, you are covered on travels of up to three months with the option Travelling with you. It ensures, among other things, treatment for your cat at an animal hospital at your destination when an acute need arises. You must remember to have a travel insurance if you are hospitalized abroad. This secures care for your cat or home transport, if care is unavailable in the country where you are hospitalized.

If you or your better half is hospitalized in Denmark or passes away, the option Care ensures you financial security to provide care for your cat. Care covers 30 days of admission and 60 days after death. If your cat dies or is euthanized as a result of an illness or accident, life insurance offers you the opportunity to get a new kitten of the same breed and pedigree and up to the insured sum.