What is an accident insurance?

Accident insurance offers you compensation if you suffer an accident causing you a permanent disability. You cannot be compensated without accident insurance, having major consequences for your life and your economy.

What does accident insurance cover?

Accident insurance consists of a basic cover and a range of additional covers, which you can choose based on your needs. Both the basic and the additional cover varies from company to company, but if you buy insurance through IDA Forsikring, you can use it for

  • A permanent injury caused by an accident.
  • Dental damage after an accident.
  • Treatment costs after an accident – e.g. for chiropractors or physiotherapists.
  • Double compensation for accidents that leave you with a permanent injury of 30% or more.

Additional cover

If you want to extend your accident insurance, IDA Forsikring provides several additional covers. 

General additional cover includes:

Dangerous sports: for those who enjoy high-risk sports - e.g. motorsports, martial arts and kite surfing.

  • Extreme Sports: For amateurs engaging high-risk sports – e.g. motor racing, martial arts and kite surfing.
  • Immediate Compensation: You will be paid a lump sum if you get a fracture or a tear in a knee ligament.
  • Chewing Injury: Dentist expenses are covered if you chew in a foreign object in your food and damage a tooth.
  • Extended Permanent Disability: You will get higher compensation if you get a permanent disability after suffering an accident. Also, compensation will be doubled if you get a degree of over 30%.

What does a permanent injury mean?

To be eligible for compensation, the accident must have caused a permanent injury of a minimum of 5 %. Permanent injury means that you have daily medical issues as a result of your accident. For most people, compensation for an accident that causes pain and medical problems is merely a sticking plaster for the wound. Money can’t remove the daily pain, but it can give you the greater financial freedom to do the things you want.

What is an injury table?

The injury table is a tool insurance companies use to calculate the size of your compensation. It is the National Board of Industrial Injuries that sets individual injury grades. The Board assesses e.g. that ‘loss of vision in one eye’ has an injury grade of 20 %, while ‘loss of a thumb on your right hand’ has a grade of 25 %.