Supplemental Unemployment Insurance

An economic safety net is indispensable if you are unlucky and get laid off.

When you are a member of an A-kasse, you are entitled to receive unemployment benefits. If you choose to supplement the unemployment benefit from your a-kasse with our Supplemental Unemployment Insurance, the salary insurance means you can preserve up to 90% of your salary. Thus, with solid financial peace of mind, you can concentrate on your career.

Maintain 90 % of your salary

Maintain 90 % of your salary

If you are a member of IDA, your spouse/cohabiting partner can also buy the insurance, so you are both financially secured.


Outplacement process

Outplacement process

You can draft an outplacement process for your further career in collaboration with IDA.

Cheapest insurance in Denmark

Cheapest insurance in Denmark has just voted IDA Forsikring's Supplemental Unemployment Insurance to Denmark's cheapest.

What does Supplemental Unemployment Insurance cover?

The table is for illustrative purposes only. It is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. The calculation of any compensation is according to the rules stated in the insurance terms and conditions.

Supplemental unempolyment insurance

You can get up to 90 % of your current salary. with a supplemental unemployment insurance. Thus, by securing your economy, you can now concentrate on continuing with your career.

You have the option to choose a cover from DKK 2,000 up to DKK 40,000 per month.

Get up to 12 monthly supplements in a row and 36 months in total.

You will prepare, together with an outplacement consultant from IDA, an action plan for continuing with your career. The action plan contains, inter alia, important information about job search requirements, personal contact with companies, activation of networks and advice on job search and CV.

Read more about IDA's Outplacement course.

The insurance does not cover the following events:

  • You quit your job.
  • You were aware of your dismissal before you bought the insurance.
  • You get laid off because of an illness or accident you were aware of before you took out the insurance.
  • You are self-employed.
  • You lose your job within six months of taking out the insurance.
  • You have not had uninterrupted work for at least 12 months before losing your job.
  • The A-kasse assesses that you provoked your dismissal, for instance, by stealing from the company.
  • When your fixed-term contract expires, for instance, a shot-term project or PhD scholarship of 2-3 years.

Example: how much can you receive?

Previous/present salary

DKK 38,000

Salary minus Labour Market Contributions (AMBI)

DKK 34,960
90 % of previous salary minus AMBI DKK 31,464

Unemployment benefit (highest rate 2023)

DKK 19,728

Amount that you can receive in salary insurance

DKK 11,736

Recommended coverage when established

DKK 11,736

View and edit your Payroll insurance

Your Payroll Insurance is administered by Topdanmark. At Mit Topdanmark you can log in and see your Payroll Insurance, change your coverage and register as unemployed. 

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