Student FAQ: I'm going to study abroad

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions you'll need to know when you go to study abroad.

Are you taking a study abroad semester? Congratulations! Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about insurance coverage.

What insurance policies cover my study abroad semester?

You should buy home contents and travel insurance to get optimal protection in case of accident, injury, and illness.

Home contents insurance covers your belongings abroad and in Denmark during your study abroad program for up to three months. You can extend it free of charge to cover up to six months.

Remember that the insurance only covers if you keep your official residence in Denmark.

Travel insurance covers illness, repatriation, and curtailment, among other things, during the same period.

Previously, you could also buy a Student Internship Insurance, but we stopped offering this product last June 1, 2022.

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How does IDA Home Contents Insurance cover study abroad?

It covers fire and water damage to your belongings and theft of your items. It also covers if you accidentally injure people or damage their things.

Please note that we have a maximum of DKK50,000 when you go abroad. If you have purchased it before August 23, 2021, the sum insured is DKK59,193 (2022).

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How do I extend my home insurance to cover my entire study stay?

Please send us an e-mail or call us at +45 70 21 01 91 to expand your Home Contents Insurance cover (max 365 days) before your departure. Once you have done it, your belongings are protected abroad and in Denmark during your semester abroad.

Does my Travel Insurance for Students cover if I take an abroad study program?

Yes, it covers study programs, language trips, unpaid internships, and humanitarian work activities for up to 60 days.

My semester abroad lasts longer than 60 days - what do I do with my Travel Insurance?

If it lasts more than 60 days, you must expand your Travel Insurance to cover your education or practice abroad (maximum 365 days).

Please write or call us at +45 70 21 01 91 to expand it before you leave Denmark.

Does my Travel Insurance cover if I combine a study abroad semester with a holiday or in connection with an unpaid internship?

Yes, it covers the whole time. However, remember to confirm your coverage for the total period.

Do you need a Waiver or confirmation of travel insurance to your educational institution abroad?

Once you have bought it, you may need documentation to present it at the institution.

The school administration can provide a Waiver that we can fill out for you.

I have a Waiver, and I need help to fill it out

See an example of what a Waiver looks like

Can I buy student internship insurance without having travel insurance?

No, this insurance product is no longer available.

You only need to make sure your Travel Insurance covers the entire trip.

What coverings are not part of a student internship insurance policy?

Please pay particular attention to the absence of the following covers in the insurance policy:

  • Travel guarantee
  • Compensation for purchasing a new trip
  • Compensation for ruined holiday days

These covers are part of travel insurance but would be left out when you take out student internship insurance.

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Does my Student Internship Insurance cover if I combine my study abroad with a leisure trip?

If you bought it before June 1, 2022, it is a requirement that the purpose of your trip is a study program or an unpaid internship. However, if you extend your stay with an additional leisure trip, it must not exceed 1/3 of the total journey. If it does, your Study Internship Insurance will not provide coverage.