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Are my contents covered when I buy holiday home insurance, or do I need additional cover? Am I covered if I rent out my summerhouse through Airbnb?

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Your summer or holiday home is the place to be for long week-ends and relaxing holidays – a gorgeous oasis away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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It is covered when you rent out through an agency (e.g Airbnb). However, if you rent out your holiday home without using an agency, we cannot insure it.

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There is no premium reduction on pipelines if these are less than 20 years old. If the pipes are 20 years or older, only 70% of the price of the pipes will be replaced minus your chosen excess.

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Yes, you take out a holiday home insurance that already covers while the construction is on. You can choose to buy cover for Fire Damage, as well as Storm Damage (part of the basic coverage).

In the case of construction, however, we always recommend buying an construction insurance.

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No, it doesn't. However, you can choose to secure your home contents with the additional option 'home contents insurance for holiday homes'. If you wish to add or remove an option to your existing holiday home insurance, you can do so through My Page. You will also be able to see how this option affects you premium.

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