Questions: Group life insurance

What critical diseases are covered? Can I insure my partner?

Find out what group life insurance is and get tips and advice on how to prevent injury. You will also find information about what to do if you have a serious accident or develop a serious illness.

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If you have a group life insurance, you need to provide the following information: 

  • PBS nr.: 0558 6720
  • Debitor gruppe nr.: 00002

Go to and subscribe your insurance.

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When you insure yourself and your family with group life insurance, it is necessary to answer a few questions about your health. it is a requirement to fill out a life insurance application when you accept your quote (via our online insurance calculator).

If we have any questions about your health statement, we will contact you, but only before your life insurance has come into effect.

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The amount that you or your relatives receive depends on whether it concerns a critical illness, disability or death. 

Click here to download factsheet about Group life insurance and how much you receive in payment (in Danish).

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You can take out insurance until the day before you turn 66.

You can receive DKK 950,000 or DKK 475,000, depending on the sum insured you have chosen. However, there will be a daily depreciation of 1/10 of the original sum insured from the day you turn 58

The insurance will expire at the end of the month in which the policyholder reaches the age of 67. If the IDA membership or relation to an IDA member ceases, the insurance will expire at the end of the year.

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