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Is there a difference in how I'm covered, if I have an outdoor cat? You can get an answer to it and more on this page.

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A cat Insurance is not mandatory, but it can help you in many cases if your cat suffers from a health condition and needs medical attention.

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There may be a difference in the insurance premium between an indoor and an outdoor cat, but the excess remains the same.

If you take out live insurance as option for your cat, you are covered equally if your cat deceases or needs to be euthanized - but with the one difference that if the death or euthanizing of your outdoor feline is due to a collision, the insurance covers only 50% of the amount for the purchase of a new kitten of the same breed and pedigree - or up to the insured sum you have chosen for your cat.

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If it can be proved that your cat was responsible for damage to property or furniture belonging to a neighbor or someone else, you may be covered by liability insurance, which is part of the home contents insurance.

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