Registered oner and keeper/user of a car - whats the difference?

When you buy your car insurance, you need to register the name of the owner and user/keeper of the car. You will therefore encounter the terms 'owner' and 'user'. If you are not sure what the expressions mean, please keep reading and get a clear definition.


The owner of a car is the person who is paying or paid for it. The owner also receives compensation in case of damage to the vehicle. This person can also be a user of the car.


The user/keeper of the car is the person or persons driving it. Your spouse or partner can always use the car, even without being mentioned in the insurance policy. If you have a grown child who primarily uses the vehicle, then he or she is the one who has to request a registration certificate and an insurance policy.


How to transfer car ownership and change the registered user of a car?

If you would like to transfer ownership or change the user of the car, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Log on with NemID.
  • Click on Motor and then on Motorregistret.
  • Click now on Registrering and then on Privat ejer/brugerskifte. Click on Start burger-/ejerskifte.
  • Enter registration or chassis number.
  • Release the vehicle with a control number or code parts 1 and 2 from the registration certificate.
  • If necessary, enter other users or owners who have previously consented.
  • Select an insurance provider and click on Anmod om forsikring (you need to pick Tryg as provider).
  • Once you have done it, the screen will display a car insurance verification number.
  • Continue and click on Godkend registrering.
  • End the process by paying.
  • Select ‘Videre’ and print kvitteringen.

Once you have transferred ownership or changed user, please contact IDA Forsikring, and we will update your policy.