Indemnity Insurance

When you find the house of your dreams, you will probably be busier thinking about how you will decorate your home than considering taking out indemnity insurance. 

Nevertheless, it is a very good idea to examine how you are covered if one day you find hidden defects in the house.

The Indemnity insurance cannot be taken out through our online insurance calculator because it is offered by our partner FRIDA. If you wish to receive a quote for Indemnity insurance, you should therefore contact FRIDA. You can find their contact information in the box on the right.

Avoid future concerns

Avoid future concerns

The insurance covers nonvisual damges unmentioned in the surveyor's report.

5 or 10 years of coverage

5 or 10 years of coverage

It is up to you weather you purchase 5 or 10 years of coverage.

It benefits both parts

It benefits both parts

It is a good deal for seller and buyer to take out indemnity insurance.

The insurance covers

The form is indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

Indemnity insurance

Are there relevant defects in the property when you take it over? Or are there physical circumstances related to the property that pose a risk that damage may occur later? Then Indemnity insurance will cover. For the insurance to cover, however, it is a requirement that the damage is present or is detected on the day when you take over the property and that it is not listed in the surveyor’s report. 

The insurance covers repair of hidden defects. Hidden defects are defined as breakage, leakage, deformation, deterioration, cracking or physical circumstances associated with the building, which reduces its value or usability significantly.  

The insurance covers the repair of defective plumbing and heating installations. If the installations’ functionality is significantly reduced, this will also be covered by the insurance.

If it turns out that the house contains illegal plumbing installations which are not listed in the surveyor’s report, you have the option to get cover from the insurance. The policy ensures that the illegal installations are made legal. However, there is only coverage if the installation was illegal at the construction and execution date and at the time the claim was notified.

Indemnity insurance covers repair of defective electrical installations, or if their function is significantly impaired.

If the house is found to contain illegal electrical installations, which are not mentioned in the electrical installation report, the insurance provides the possibility to legalize the illegal conditions. However, there is only cover if the installation was illegal in the construction and execution time and at the time of notification of injury.