Secure your new home with extensive indemnity insurance

You risk facing substantial bills if you discover faults and defects in your new home without indemnity insurance. Protect yourself by obtaining insurance that covers the repair of faults and provides financial security when purchasing a house.

Indemnity insurance keys
IDA Forsikring has a referral agreement with Gjensidige Insurance for indemnity insurance. They are the experts offering advice and coverage. Remember to attach a valid condition and electrical inspection report.

Why you should have indemnity insurance

Investing in indemnity insurance as a homebuyer is a decision you'll be grateful for. Here are the top three reasons why.

Protection against hidden faults and defects

If you discover concealed damages, faults, and defects not mentioned in the condition or electrical installation report, you are covered, and the repair costs are included.

Coverage of legalisation of installations

You receive financial assistance to cover expenses for rectifying or legalising illegal or defective electrical and plumbing installations in your home.

Coverage of costs for contaminated soil

If the soil on your new property is contaminated, you are well covered. Here, you get expenses for soil investigations and remediation covered up to DKK 500,000.

Multiple advantages of having indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance acts as your financial safety net when purchasing a home. And it provides numerous other benefits for your peace of mind:
  • You receive comprehensive and flexible coverage.
  • You are protected from the day you take over the property.
  • You can choose an extended indemnity insurance policy.
Discovering damages and faults in your newly purchased home can be unsettling. But with indemnity insurance, you are well-protected, preventing a prolonged financial setback.

Quickly secure one of the best insurances on the market

Booking one of the best indemnity insurance on the market is straightforward. Through our collaboration with Gjensidige, IDA Forsikring ensures our members enjoy competitive prices in Denmark.Contact Gjensidige's expert advisors at 88 18 67 37.

How indemnity insurance covers you

You can choose your indemnity insurance in two variants: standard and extended. You have the flexibility to select coverage for either 5 or 10 years.Refer to the table below to understand the extent of your coverage.For more details on various coverages, consult Gjensidige's product description. 

Indemnity Insurance






What you should know about the coverage

Our insurance protects against hidden damages, faults, and defects not outlined in the electrical or condition report. However, it does not extend coverage to anticipated defects and damages related to the house's age, condition, and construction method.This includes moisture in an older basement, creaking floors in an ageing house, or maintenance on an old roof.

Questions and answers

Get help with your Indemnity Insurance

Find answers to commonly asked questions about IDA Forsikring's Indemnity Insurance, including coverage and additional options.

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Questions & answers

What is indemnity insurance?

You can purchase indemnity insurance, but it is often a wise decision. Discover what indemnity insurance is and why it benefits both buyers and sellers.

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