I have to sell my car

You are not legally bound to keep your car insurance after you sell your car. What to do next depends on whether you wish to sell it to a private individual or a car dealer.

I sell it to a car dealer

You can contact IDA Forsikring and request the termination of the insurance right after you sell the vehicle. If the new owner has not registered the car within four days, you will be charged daily fines of DKK 250 by the Danish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (DFIM). It is, therefore, an excellent idea that you follow the buyer to register the car right after you close the deal.

It is possible to send a vehicle purchase agreement to SKAT, who will surrender the number plates and transfer the registration to the new owner. A vehicle purchase agreement is a contract between you and the new owner that describes the framework and terms of the deal. If you do not have that agreement, SKAT will surrender the number plates four days weeks after receiving the request.

The vehicle purchase agreement contains:

  • Sale date
  • Seller and buyer's name and address
  • Signature of seller and buyer
  • Vehicle frame number and manufacturer
  • They can optionally choose whether to enter the driving licence number and the buyer's date of birth

It has been more than 4 days since I sold my car

It is the responsibility of either the car dealer or the new private owner to transfer the registration of the car within 4 days from the date of sale. If this has not happened, please contact SKAT.

You can also visit SKAT's webpage and read more about what to do.

Please keep in mind that the buyer has 4 days to take over the registration of the vehicle.

Remember to contact us, when the registration of the vehichcle is done - so the insurance on the sold car can be closed.

I sell my car in private

If you sell your car to a private individual, it is the new owner's responsibility to re-register the vehicle within 21 days from the date of sale. You can register the car together right after you close the deal with the new owner.

Please read here how to register the car online via SKAT.

You can also contact us, IDA Forsikring, to notify about the car's number plate and the day it was sold. Then we cancel the insurance from the date of sale and refund any excess premium.