How to register your car

This is a short and simple guide to what to do when you buy a new car from a broker or through a private person.

The car is purchased from a broker 

If you buy a new car through a broker, they make sure that it is registered. However, it is very important that you tell the broker that the car must be registered with Tryg as insurance provider. IDA Insurance provides insurance through Tryg, and therefore the broker must choose Tryg. Then, take out insurance for your car through our online calculator.

Should I buy a new insurance if the car is to be insured on the same terms?

Yes, you need to take out a new insurance even if the car is insured in the same terms as your previous car. If you do not have the car's registration number before you pick up the car, wait to take out the insurance. In order to do so, we need the car's registration number. There is a window of two to three days from the moment you get your car to the registration number appears in our system. Meanwhile, your car is covered by the statutory liability coverage the moment the broker has registered it in your name and indicated Tryg as your insurance provider. The same applies if you wish comprehensive cover on your car.

If the car is purchased privately

If you buy a new car through a private person, you must make sure that it is registered. To help you, we have made an easy step-by-step guide. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is registered within 4 days (from the date of purchase). You can register your car online at SKAT. In order to register the car, you will need the vehicle registration certificate and your NemID.

  1. Log onto 'TastSelv' with your NemID on
  2. Select 'Motor' and 'Motorregistret'.
  3. Select 'Registrering'and 'Privat ejer/brugerskifte'. Then press 'Start bruger-/ejerskifte'.
  4. Enter the registration or chassis number.
  5. Unlock the vehicle with the control number or code section 1 and 2 from the registration certificate.
  6. Assign any other users or owners who have delegated authority.
  7. Choose the insurance company and select 'Anmod om forsikring' (here you should choose Tryg Forsikring as the insurance company).
  8. Once you have selected 'Anmod om forsikring', your insurance certificate number will be displayed.
  9. Select 'Godkend registrering'.
  10. Make payment.
  11. Select 'Videre' and print the receipt.

If you need additional help and guidance for the registration, please contact SKAT's customer service department.