Holiday Home Insurance - bought before fourth of February 2019

Read how your insurance cover, if you have bought it before fourth of February 2019. You can also download the insurance conditions. 


Holiday home insurance

The insurance covers your home contents at your holiday home - including personal belongings, furniture and everything that falls within what you normally would consider having in a summer and vacation home. The insurance covers home contents if damaged in connection with fire, short circuit, lightning, burglary, storm and flooding.


The insurance covers repair and reimbursement costs in case of damage due to breakages on a pipeline. If you choose to supplement with 'extended line damage incl. pipe and cable insurance', you do not need to choose pipe and cable insurance.

The insurance covers damage to woodwork or walls that is caused by fungal attack. The insurance also covers if the damage is due to wood-destroying insects. Damage caused by rot that is significant for the timber’s bearing capacity and/or functionality, is covered. Note that there is a deductible of DKK 2,500 for each claim for rot damage.

Building- and property insurance includes the following:

  • Extended insurance (other sudden damage) - cover unforeseen damage to your daily life – for example, if you lose a bucket of paint on the wooden floor.
  • Glass and sanitary insurance - covers glass and sanitary damages - for example, windows, bathtubs and ceramic hobs.
  • Legal assistance - covers expenses for a lawyer, for example a disagreement about who is responsible for an injury.
  • Homeowners liability - covers if you as owner of building and property injures other people or damage their belongings.

Fire insurance covers the type of damage that occurs as a result of direct lightning strikes or short circuits. Note that if you have a loan on the house, fire insurance is a mandatory requirement.

The forms are indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.