Guide: Hiring a car abroad

Learn more about all you need to know when renting a car, motorbike, scooter or moped abroad.

What if I need to file on my insurance?

You can get compensation if you have added the optional cover 'Extended Travel' to your Travel Insurance. It applies when you hire a car, motorcycle, moped or scooter on your holiday and need to submit an eligible comprehensive claim. Moreover, DKK 11,628 (2022) is the limit to cover the excess you may have to pay to the car rental company.

What is a comprehensive claim?

Comprehensive coverage is like accident insurance for your car. It covers theft, fire, vandalism and the damage you accidentally may cause to your vehicle. A parking lot damage or a solo road accident could be the case.

To get compensation, you need to remember the following:

  • Liability and comprehensive insurance are covering the vehicle.
  • You are renting the vehicle through a rental company.
  • You or your partner must be the one on the leasing contract.
  • You or your partner must be the driver of the car.
  • The insurance only covers if you can legally drive the vehicle in the country where you are hiring or rolling it*.

*For example, if you rent a car in one country and drive to another country, you need to make sure that you can legally drive the car in both countries.

Exclusions in the policy?

Please be aware that there is no cover for scratches and paint chips on a car.

Also, the insurance does not cover the expenses for towing services, for instance, due to a flat tire. You need to make sure that is part of the car leasing contract.

Is it a good idea to add some extra insurance coverings?

Your travel insurance only protects a leased car against glass damage if the insurance terms and conditions indicate it. We recommend that you add this optional cover to your existing coverage if you do not have it.

  • If you have Home Contents Insurance, you do not need to add theft coverage to protect personal items in the car. Your own provides that covering abroad, including theft of ordinary goods such as clothes and toiletries. However, you should be aware that the insurance does not cover gold, jewellery, silver, money and cash. Moreover, car break-ins must be visible to obtain compensation. Learn more about how you can prevent break-ins in your car.
  • Equally, you do not need to supplement accident insurance coverage when and if you already have one.
  • If you need acute medical care right after a road accident, travel insurance provides that coverage.

Things to know when renting a car

  • Choose a car rental company you can trust. It could be the one that your travel agency recommends or a large international rental company such as AVIS, Hertz or Europcar.
  • Check the car when you get it and take pictures of it from several angles. That way, you avoid being liable for previous damage when you return the vehicle.
  • If possible, return the car when the rental company is open and raise any concerns you may have. If not, remember to take pictures once again.
  • In the same way, remember to take pictures of any damage you have done and keep receipts and other papers as documentation.