Adult accident insurance

By taking out Adult accident insurance and Sickness, as optional cover, you are well covered in situations where your insurance at work or offered by your trade union does not necessarily cover - for example outside of working hours.

Financial Compensation

Financial Compensation

It protects you financially in the event of an injury sustained from an accident.

Coverage for ski accidents

Coverage for ski accidents

You are also covered if you are injured on skiing or snowboarding during your vacation.

Treatment is included

Treatment is included

You are covered if you are treated by a chiropractor or physiotherapist after an accident.

Have you purchased or changed your insurance before September 3, 2018?

IDA’s Accident insurance have been improved. If you purchased the insurance before September 3rd 2018, you are covered by terms other than those you can see here.

See how your accident insurance covers (if purchased before September 3rd).

The insurance covers

The forms are indicative and are an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

Adult accident insurance
Basic coverage

You are covered if you receive treatment after an accident that leads to permanent disability.

The insurance provides coverage for permanent mental trauma following an accident or treatment. The psychological damage could, for instance, be the fallout of a sudden accident, suffered by you or a close relative.

The insurance provides coverage for reasonable and necessary treatment of an injury following an accident. It could be physiotherapy or a chiropractor for up to 12 months or until the degree of disability is determined. Psychological treatment is also covered for up to 20 hours of therapy or until a final evaluation of the degree.


You are covered if you participate in regular sports activities. You are also covered if you try extreme sports occasionally.

Check out our list of extreme sports.

For example, a single occasion could be during a holiday trip or perhaps a team-building event.

You can get your transport expenses covered from the accident site to the hospital if these expenses are considered reasonable and necessary.

In case of an accident, the policy provides coverage for reasonable and necessary expenses for your teeth and dental prostheses. In cases where emergency treatment is urgent, this would not need our prior approval.

The beneficiaries will get compensation if you die in a sudden accident. The insurance also covers funeral assistance if a child under the age of 18 passes away in an accident.



If you practice extreme sports (see examples below), because you are a member of a club or association, please take out extreme sports and get compensation in the event of an accident.

Examples of extreme sport:

  • All kinds of motorbike or horse racing
  • Martial arts such as boxing and karate
  • Rock climbing or rappelling
  • Parachute of all species, hang. gliding and kite flying
  • River rafting

Check out the list of extreme sports.

You receive immediate compensation if you accidentally get a fracture, complete or partial torn ligament in knees, a completely torn Achilles tendon or a meniscus in your knee. The policy grants coverage for bone fractures in the following cases:

  • collar bone
  • shoulder
  • upper and forearm
  • elbow
  • intermediate (the part of the hand between the wrist and fingers)
  • back
  • pelvis
  • hips
  • thigh and lower legs
  • middle foot (the part of the foot between the uncles and the toes)

Bone fractures are not covered in the following cases:

  • fingers
  • toes
  • isolated ligament injuries
  • other bones and skeletal parts not previously mentioned

This option offers a higher compensation if you get a permanent disability following an accident. For example, payment will double in disabilities over 30%, and an increase of benefit will follow after:

  • 100% loss of vision
  • 75% loss of hearing 

If you need hospitalisation, you will be able to get additional aid by taking this option - e.g.: 

  • You can receive hospital compensation of DKK 300 per day for up to 12 months.
  • You can get cleaning assistance for at least two hours per time for up to 20 hours.

You get refund reasonable and necessary expenses at the dentist if you get a chewing injury while eating due to a foreign object in your food. We may request the object for inspection. The insurance covers one single final treatment.

You can get financial compensation if you get sick and need hospitalisation for at least five consecutive days, need extra transport for treatment (max. 6 times and up to 50 km) or need cleaning assistance.

If you are very unlucky and get a lasting disability (also called permanent disability) in your knee after an accident, you are entitled to compensation. Generally, we first cover this type of injuries after a permanent disability of at least 8% has been diagnosed, but this option offers you coverage already from 5%.

If you are the driver of a registered motorcycle, scooter or moped and suffer an accident, the policy will provide coverage for permanent physical disability. To obtain compensation, you must inform us that you are the driver of a registered motorcycle, scooter or moped – otherwise, you will only get half of the amount. It is also a requirement that you do not use the machine for working activities.