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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about accidents, accident insurance and coverage.

Get advice, guidance and answers to frequently asked questions on accident insurance. Read what you can do to avoid damage and what you should do in case of an accident.

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An accident is a sudden event that causes injury. The event does not result from an external source, for instance, a push or a collision. It is caused, for example, by a sprain or if you stumble or fall.

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Accident insurance is personal and generally only covers the person who has taken out the insurance (the policyholder).

Your partner and children living at home over 18 years old can also take out insurance, even if you don’t have accident insurance. When you use our online insurance calculator, the one covered under the insurance policy will have to approve the insurance quote with NemID.

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No, your child is not. However, you have different options to protect your child with insurance coverage.

Children under the age of 18

If you have underage children, we recommend you buy child insurance. It covers, among other things, if your child has an accident.

Read more about Child Insurance.

Young adults (Ages 18-24)

If your child is 18 to 24 years old, we recommend that you buy youth accident insurance. 

Read more about our Youth Accident Insurance.

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Your Accident Insurance does not cover your child. You have to take out child insurance for your child.

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Your insurance covers you regardless of geography but within a time limit, for instance:

  • Permanent residence, temporary stay, and travel in Nordic countries, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and EU/EEA countries.
  • Travelling activities and touring the rest of the world.
  • Coverage is limited to a stay of max. 12 months.

We may require you to go to a medical examination in Denmark if there is insurance coverage and the compensation has been assessed and calculated. Your Accident Insurance covers your medical evaluation abroad, and your Travel Insurance covers transportation and hospitalization expenses.

We may also require treatment by a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, psychologist, or chiropractor to take place in Denmark. If you do a dental treatment abroad, you submit yourself and send documentation of the expenses to us when you get home. However, it is a prerequisite that Tryg Skade has previously approved your claim.

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All injuries and accidents could potentially cause permanent impairment of at least 5 %, which is physical invalidity following an accident that doesn't go away with treatment and which you, therefore, have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Usually, sports injuries, road traffic accidents, and falls potentially lead to permanent invalidities, e.g., the back, neck, ankles, and knees. These are common after wrists, elbows, ankles, and knee fractures.

Remember that your accident insurance only covers dangerous sports if you have picked the additional cover for extreme sports.

Check out the complete list of extreme sports (Danish).

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Physical and psychological permanent impairment

  • Compensation for permanent impairment is a percentage of the insured sum corresponding to a diagnosed permanent impairment. The payment is a lump sum.
  • The compensation is calculated based on the permanent impairment table
  • The effects of the accident are evaluated and recorded, and they constitute the basis for the degree of impairment.
  • The severity of disability determines the amount of compensation.

Remember to let us know if you are using a scooter, a moped 45, or a motorcycle in your spare time. Please do not forget to write it on your insurance quote. An omission of this information will result in a reduction in compensation.

Dental trauma

If you fall and chip/break a tooth or otherwise need treatment with a dentist after the accident, your accident insurance covers reasonable and necessary expenses. However, the insurance does not cover dental trauma caused by boxing or other martial arts.

A reduction of compensation could follow if you already had problems with your teeth before the accident. For example, it may be disease, poor condition of dental prostheses, abrasion, and root treatment, among other things. Likewise, the compensation amount may not exceed the amount you will receive with healthy teeth if the teeth next to the injured tooth are already missing or damaged.


Your insured sum is individual and stated in the contract you have signed with us. Please note that we subtract compensation sums paid out before death when we pay compensation after death.


If minors die in an accident, the insurance pays out DKK50,000 to cover funeral expenses.

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This option covers activities where there is a greater risk of injury. For example, it may be practising or engaging in:

  • Motorbike or horse racing
  • Martial arts such as boxing and karate
  • Rock climbing or rappelling
  • Parachuting, hang gliding, and paragliding
  • River rafting

Check out our complete list of extreme sports.

If you are a member of an association or club and practice in any of these sports, you are covered by your accident insurance only if you have chosen to cover accidents associated with extreme sports. If you wish to upgrade your insurance with Extreme Sports, please log in to My Page.

I wish to add extreme sports to my insurance.

If you are unsure about extreme sports and how you are covered, please, contact us.

Particularly concerning travel activities:

Participation in expeditions is not covered, i.e., areas requiring special permission to move and where the weather is quite extreme, for instance, a trip over the ice sheet. In addition, we do not provide coverage if you professionally practice an extreme sport - defined as a contractor or otherwise making a living out of it.

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Yes, you need the add-on extended coverage if you are a member of a club or union and practice extreme sports. If you practice extreme sports without being a club member, your Accident Insurance will protect you.

Definition of dangerous sports

Extreme Sports refer to high adrenaline sports activities. This option covers activities where there is a potentially greater risk of injury. For example, it may be training or participation in:

  • Motorbike or horse racing
  • Martial arts such as boxing and karate
  • Rock climbing or rappelling on the mountainside
  • Parachute of all species, hang gliding, gliding, and kite flying
  • River rafting

Do you love any of the above activities? Then you need coverage for extreme sports. If you do not have it, you will not be covered if you have an accident.

Check out our list of extreme sports activities.

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No, you won’t, as cancer is not defined as a sudden event.

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 If your accident is the direct cause of dental damage, we will cover the costs of the dental treatment.

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You can take out as many policies as you want. For example, most employers provide one at work, but some wish for better and additional coverage and take out private accident insurance. If you have an accident causing a permanent impairment of 5% or more, you will receive compensation from both insurance policies. Please note that the total amount for permanent impairment cannot exceed DKK10,000,000.

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No, chronic illnesses are not covered. Accident insurance only covers new injuries caused by accidents.

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Your accident insurance also includes death cover. The insurance covers up to one year after the accident takes place when a person over 18 years dies because of the accident. However, the insurance does not cover death due to natural causes, illness or unknown cause of death.

If you want to be covered in case of illness, we recommend you to take out group life insurance.

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