Fees and charges

When you take out insurance, you automatically pay fees and charges to the state and the Relief Fund. Please read and get more information on how these are calculated and why you are paying them.

Fees and charges
When you take out insurance in Denmark, you have to pay different charges to the state and the Relief Fund stated by the Danish Parliament. It is this official organ, which decides and determines the exact amount of the different fees and charges.

Fees and charges: What do they cover?

The fees for the Relief Fund covers expenses in connection with acute emergencies, such as storms and floods to which all citizens in solidarity pay through the insurance.  For safety reasons in traffic, fees have been introduced to remove old cars from roads.

How are they collected?

All fees and charges are collected at once - regardless any agreement to pay your insurance monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. The only exception to this is the government tax that automatically follows every single bill.As of 1 January 2013 a new fee called 'Skadesikringsafgift' Insurance Damage Fee was introduced to replace the former 'Stempelafgift' Stamp Duty. The Skadesikringsafgift is charged along with your premium.
  • Charged fees are usually not reimbursed in case of termination of the insurance or if you change insurance company.
  • Fees can be compared to VAT (Value Added Taxes) which is added to all goods and services.
  • In our brochure The small print of the conditions (NOTE: in Danish) you can read more about the different charges and fees. 

Other fees

IDA membership

You pay a small fee to be a member of IDA Forsikring. The fee is DKK 50 which we charge once a year.

Tryg's Medical Hotline

If you use Tryg's Medical Hotline, it costs DKK 149 having online consultation.

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