We are moving in together

You and your partner are planning to live together. You probably have lots of questions.

How will you decorate your new home together? Who will be in charge of managing the finances? Will you have a cleaning rota?

There are plenty of questions, but have you thought about insurance? You and your partner probably have insurances already, but when your living circumstances change, so do your insurance needs. For example, when you move in together, you only need one home contents insurance.

Home contents insurance

Home contents insurance covers both you and your partner. If you have children, they will also be covered. That’s why there’s no reason to have two home contents insurances. So you need to cancel one of them.

Before you cancel one of the insurances, think about which company you want to be insured by.

It’s also worth thinking about:

  • Do you have any expensive electronic gadgets that you would like to take extra care of? Then it's a good idea to add  'electronic damage' as an option.
  • If you wish to supplement by adding 'extended bicycle cover'? (if one of you has a new or expensive ride)
  • Do you have many expensive items and furniture? Here it will be relevant to consider 'sudden damage'. This option offers additional protection, for example, if one of you drops an expensive vase or spills coffee on your expensive couch.

Travel insurance

Just like home contents insurance, travel insurance covers the whole household. If you both have travel insurance, you need to cancel one of them.

We also recommend you check whether the travel insurance contains a cover suitable for both of you. It might be worth adding cancellation insurance or extending it to cover the whole world. If you decide to change insurance, you don’t need to get a new one, just contact us to tell us which changes you want to make.

Read more about how to change your insurance.

For those with children

  • The travel insurance also covers children, if they are registered at the same address as you. We cover them regardless of their age.
  • The same applies to shared custody of children. For example, if one child lives with their father and the other lives with their mother, both children are insured.
  • Remember to always provide the children’s full names and social security numbers.