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Here you can read how your Travel Insurance for Students (bought before June 1, 2022) covers and download the insurance terms and conditions.

The form or diagram is an illustrative model and an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. The amount of compensation in an approved insurance claim follows the regulations stated in the insurance terms and conditions.

Travel insurance
Basic coverage

The policy provides worldwide coverage.

The insurance provides coverage for up to 60 days per trip. If the tour lasts more than 60 days, we recommend that you contact Tryg who will evaluate whether you can renew your current insurance policy. Please check out 'questions and answers' to get more information about how you can extend your Travel Insurance.

Always remember to bring with you the blue EU Health Insurance Card if you are travelling to an EU/EEA country.

The insurance covers your roommate beside you. It is therefore not necessary for you both to purchase travel insurance.

The policy only provides coverage to those members of your household that you have previously notified.
Please verify on My Page who is covered by the policy and contact us if you are missing anyone.

You are entitled to receive treatment at a private hospital if:

  • The doctor estimates that treatment at a public hospital is insufficient
  • If a private hospital is the only option
  • If we evaluate that the nearest public hospital is too far away

You are covered if you have to interrupt your vacation and go home due to a family member in Denmark has become seriously ill, injured or is dead.

You are also covered if you need to get home because of one of the following reasons:

  • Fire, explosion or flood
  • Burglary at home or business (only if notified to the police)

The policy provides emergency transport on medical grounds or death during your holidays. Please be aware that our doctors must approve transportation home in advance.

If you get seriously ill or injured, you can get someone from home to be with you. Somebody could stay with you, for instance, during hospitalisation.

You and any relatives can reimburse your expenses for psychological crisis counselling on the spot or after returning home.

The policy provides coverage for luggage delayed more than five hours.

The insurance provides coverage during activities characterised by high speed and high risk, also known as extreme sports. If you have doubts about your specific plans, please contact us.

For instance, you can get coverage during the following activities:

  • Climbing
  • Boxing
  • Diving
  • Parachuting
  • Paragliding
  • Kitesurfing
  • River rafting

Please check out our list of extreme sports.

The policy covers some unforeseen expenses on the trip - e.g. in case of delayed attendance to the flight for unexpected reasons, delayed transport of more than six hours or damage to the rented house or rented car.

If you suffer an injury skiing or snowboarding, the insurance offers compensation for a complete ruined holiday or a certain number of ruined travel days.

You are covered if you have to cancel your trip due to illness or injury right before your trip. You can also cancel your trip if there is war or terror in the country you are visiting, or if you get sacked from work, getting a divorce or have to reschedule your exams during your trip. Please note that Cancellation does not cover if you purchased this optional covering less than 12 days before travelling.

Read more about cancellation coverage.


The option covers, for instance, if you get a permanent disability, dental trauma, suffer a violent assault or die. Please note that this option only covers abroad. As an alternative, you should consider taking out accident insurance, which offers you coverage both in Denmark and abroad.

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