Price and payment - supplemental unemployment insurance

Here you can find questions related to the price of your supplemental unemployment insurance and payments - for example, how much you get paid and when you get your first payment.

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The maximum you can get is 90% of your current gross salary excluding labour market contributions. Gross salary includes commission, bonuses, company car and phone.

Example: Compensation (salary DKK 40,000)

Salary minus Labour Market Contributions (AMBI)    DKK 36,800
90 % of previous salary minus AMBI DKK 33,120
Public unemployment benefits (highest rate 2023) DKK 19,728
Insurance compensation DKK 13,392
Recommended insurance coverage DKK 13,392
Total  amount per month (benefits + compensation) DKK 33,120 
Price per month DKK 258,00

 Please remember that you can deduct the insurance premium from your taxes.

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You are entitled to three separate periods, each one consist of 12 consecutive months. This means that the total number of payments would not exceed 36 months. Please notice that you need to be employed for at least 12 months between the three periods as a precondition to enter a new period.

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  • Your supplemental unemployment insurance only applies six months after you took it out.
  • You cannot be unemployed or know in advance that you are going to lose your job during this period.
  • At the same time, you are required to be employed in your current job for 12 consecutive months (employment requirement).

You have an excess period of one month and the supplemental unemployment insurance is paid retrospectively. This means that two months must pass from your first day as unemployed before you receive your first insurance supplemental payment.

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No, you will not receive unemployment supplements when you are on holiday. Remember to notify your holiday to Topdanmark - they will make sure to register your holiday.

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If you want to change the sum insured of your supplemental unemployment insurance, you can do so yourself via My TopDanmark. Here you can see your current coverage as well as how much it costs to regulate your coverage.

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New qualifying period
Please note that a new qualifying period of six months applies, but only for the amount by which you eventually increase your coverage.

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Yes, you do not have to pay for your premium during the period you are unemployed. This means that if, for example, you receive supplements from the insurance from 1 April to 31 May, you do not have to pay for those two months.

Please note that the premium is automatically regulated and you should therefore not take any action. If you pay in advance, we will reduce the amount the next time you pay.

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The answer is yes, part of the insurance premium is deductible. Topdanmark - our partner with this product - sends a notification to SKAT. You do not need to take action in this matter.

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You can see your Supplemental Unemployment Insurance on "Mit Topdanmark".

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