Our partners

In cooperation with Tryg, Topdanmark, ADIS, FRIDA Forsikring Agentur and Danish Tandforsikring, we can offer you and your family insurance policies with good coverage at lower prices.

What does this mean for you as a member?

When you contact us for advice, prepare a quote or decide to buy insurance, you will always get to talk with one of our own advisers. However, if a claim needs to be processed, we will contact one of our partners. You will therefore find that if we provide your insurance in collaboration with e.g. Tryg, their name will appear on your policy or insurance overview.

Who does IDA Forsikring work with?

The following is a list of who we work with:

Tryg and IDA Forsikring have entered into a partnership for the majority of our insurance policies:

FRIDA Forsikring Agentur

Topdanmark is our preferred partner when it comes to the following insurance policies:

We work with ADIS in connection with our commercial insurance policies:

Dansk Tandforsikring
In cooperation with Dansk Tandforsikring, we offer: