Opening hours

Here you can see when you can get in touch with our insurance advisors.

Opening hours

You call call us at 70 21 01 91.

Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.00
Friday 09.00-15.00


Waiting Time Forecast

We do all we can to assist you as soon as possible, we offer the best service to our members and we happily spend the necessary time to attend each phone call. Unfortunately, this means that occasionally you may expect waiting time in our lines.

The overview illustrates daytime when it is easier to contact us by phone 70 21 01 91.

  • Blue portrays when the lines are most saturated.
  • Dark grey indicates when you may expect some periods of waiting time.
  • Light grey highlights when you can expect absence of waiting time.

Before you contact us, we recommend you to visit Customer Service where you can find the most answered questions.