Online purchase terms and conditions

Please take some time to read our online purchase terms and conditions and find out what you need to pay special attention to after purchasing one or more insurance policies online.

Who can buy insurance on

You can buy insurance on if you or someone else in your household is a member of IDA.

Is someone else insurance covering you?

Before you take out insurance, you need to check out if someone else insurance policy is already covering you. If you authorise us (on behalf of our business partners) to cancel or terminate your current insurance, then we will contact your current insurer and do it. Otherwise, you will have to do it yourself. If you have car insurance with another insurance provider, then it will have to be done by IDA Forsikring.

Personal Data and Cookie Policy

When you buy insurance on, we store the information you entered about you. We share the information with our partners because they issue your insurance policy. IDA Forsikring and its partners use this data for customer administration and service.

You can get further information about the current registration at any time and also correct any misregistration if necessary.

IDA Forsikring uses cookies on

Children and youngsters under 18 years of age

You must be at least 18 to purchase insurance on Otherwise, you need your parents’ consent to buy insurance.

Your data and the consequences of giving inaccurate information

We need information about you to assess the risk, the premium and the terms of your insurance before we accept an insurance application. It is therefore vital that, as part of your purchasing process, you answer all questions fairly and correctly. 

If your situation somehow changes, then you need to notify IDA Forsikring immediately. Such a turn may result in a decrease or increase in your premium. It can also result in a slaking or restriction of the insurance terms due to risk.

Mistakes, giving incorrect information or misrepresentations during the purchase of insurance can lead to partial or complete denials of compensation under the Insurance Contract Act (Forsikringsaftaleloven). 

If we need additional information, you will hear from us before your insurance policy goes into effect.

Come into effect

Your insurance policy will go into effect on the effective date, known as the agreed date, but never before the date, you accept and buy the quote on 

When purchasing insurance on insurance, we create a direct debit withdrawal mandate and send an instruction to your bank (Betalingsservice). By doing so, you pre-authorise payment of your insurance policy when you purchase on The amount will be withdrawn from your account when the insurance policy goes into effect.

Factors that affect your premium

The premium reflects the information you have provided to us and includes fees and other charges such as general insurance taxes, state tax, environmental contributions, and storm surge and windfall taxes. You can read more about fees and taxes n the following iPaper.

Cooling-off period

You have a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel the policy for any reason when you take out insurance on


When can I cancel my insurance?

You can always cancel your purchase within the cooling-off period with IDA Forsikring

In the case of distance selling, the cooling-off period starts at the latest of the following times:

a) From the day you get a notification confirming that you have purchased the insurance. 

b) Once you have obtained all the information we are required to provide you either on paper or by email.

Here is an example of how the 14-day period works; if you buy your insurance on October 1st and have not received the information before October 3rd, then you have until October 17th to cancel the policy. 

If the cooling-off period ends on a public holiday, weekends, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, then the expiring date moves to the next coming working day.

Please note that regarding fire coverage as part of building insurance, the cooling-off period is conditioned by the Danish Financial Business Act § 60, and therefore, you can only cancel it if and when another insurer takes over the coverage retroactively.

How to cancel

Please contact us to notify that you wish to cancel during the 14-days cooling-off period. You can do it either by letter or email. If you would like to verify that you've sent the message before the deadline, you can either send a recommended letter and save the posting receipt or save the email you sent to us.

You can send your cancellation to:

IDA Insurance
Kalvebod Brygge 31
1780 Copenhagen V

or you can cancel by email


If you have a bad experience with us, or if we otherwise do not live up to your expectations, you can send us a complaint.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can send a complaint to:

The Board of Appeal for Insurance/ Ankenævnet for Forsikring
Anker Heegaards Gade 2, 1
1572 Copenhagen V
Tel. +45 33 15 89 00

There is a filing fee for complaining to the Board of Appeal.

When a dispute concerning an insurance contract ends up in court, it would be settled by a Danish court according to Danish law and following the rules of code of procedure on jurisdiction.