Motorcycle Insurance

IDA Forsikring offers a good insurance that fits your needs – regardless of weather you are an experienced motorcyclist or not.

Part of the joy of driving is having motorcycle insurance. Knowing that you're covered for your requirements gives you a sense of reassurance when you get onto your motorcycle. When you buy your insurance from us, you decide how you want it arranged.

Circuit training

Circuit training

The insurance covers you if you suffer an accident, also in training facilities.

Flexible insurance

Flexible insurance

Liability is mandatory by law, but you can add comprehensive if you wish to do so.

Annual coverage

Annual coverage

Please choose winther driving as optional coverage in case of year-round use.

The insurance covers

The form is indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

Motorcycle insurance
Third party liability insurance
Vehicle insurance

With Motorcycle insurance, you are covered for any injury you cause to other people.

If you cause damage to other people’s property, the motorcycle insurance guarantees compensation to the party concerned. For example, if you collide with a cyclist, the insurance will pay the costs for a new bicycle. 

The insurance covers in case of theft of the motorcycle. 

If you choose to supplement your insurance with vehicle insurance, your motorcycle is covered for damage resulting from a fire.

The vehicle insurance covers damage to your motorcycle caused by a collision.

With Motorcycle insurance, you can get emergency assistance abroad under the SOS international scheme. The coverage provides access to, among other things, additional expenses for repatriation, unexpected hotel accommodation at the scene of the accident, towage and procurement of spare parts.

If an accident happens, the Motorcycle insurance will provide you with access to legal aid if you and the involved parties cannot agree and therefore have to bring the matter before a court. The insurance covers your legal fees and other expenses that arise in connection with bringing the case.


To make it easy and affordable for everyone who does not drive during the winter, the insurance is arranged so that the motorcycle is not covered in December, January and February. If you nevertheless wish to have coverage during the winter months, you have the option to choose winter driving as additional coverage.