Become a member of IDA

Become a member of IDA and enjoy exclusive benefits such as counselling regarding your professional life and salary, and expand your professional horizon with events and networks.  IDA membership offers you also other benefits such as IDA Forsikring.

Cultivate your professional ambitions and safe money

There are many good reasons to become a member of IDA. Here we present some of them:

  • Professional and academic counselling
  • Access to free courses and events
  • More than 65 academic networks- expand your professional horizon
  • Career counselling – our goal is to strengthen your position on the labor market
  • Safe money on insurance and other services
  • Enjoy our news magazine Ingeniøren and update

As IDA member, you get the best conditions to cultivate your professionalism – despite where you stand on your career.

Most IDA members financially experience that IDA Forsikring is a better deal than the competition and a money saver despite IDA’s subscription fee. If you benefit from IDA Bank, benefits, networks, counselling, events, Ingeniøren and much more, then the financial experience gets even better.

Can I become a member of IDA?

Students, bachelors, graduates from areas such as IT, technic and science are entitled to become members of IDA. Are you unsure whether you qualify with your academic line?

Check out our list of qualified educations.