IDA Guld: Get an additional 15% off on your insurance

Your insurance policies will be even cheaper if you bundle all your insurance policies with us. You can get an additional 15% discount on our already low-priced insurance policies.

Save 15% with IDA Guld Rabat
IDA Guld is a discount deal, where you get a 15% off on your insurance by bundling them with us.This special offer applies to the following insurance policies:
  • Building insurance
  • Holiday home insurance
  • Home contents insurance
  • Reg. Moped insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Caravan insurance
  • Trailer insurance

How to get IDA Guld

You can be part of this arrangement if you:
  • Buy all your insurance needs with IDA Forsikring.
  • Have home contents insurance together with at least a car, house, holiday home, accident, child or travel insurance.
You can select IDA Guld in our online insurance calculator when you buy your insurance.

Step-by-step guide: Get IDA Guld and save more money

Get help getting IDA Guld so you can get a 15% discount now:

IDA Forsikring is not my insurer, but I would like to take out insurance with IDA Guld discount

If you do not yet have insurance with us, you can get a quote that suits your insurance needs and meets IDA Guld requirements.Get an insurance quote with IDA Forsikring.Remember to insert a checkmark at IDA Guld when calculating an insurance quote, and you will be able to see your reduction.If you are coming from another insurance provider, we will terminate your insurance policies for you. Please, provide the name of the insurance company and your policy numbers.How to switch to IDA Forsikring

I already have insurance with IDA Forsikring, but not IDA Guld

  • Find out if you have insurance with another insurer
  • Go to our insurance calculator and select the insurance policies that you need. Remember to place your cursor on IDA Guld and insert a checkmark.
  • Now you can see your IDA Guld reduction on your new insurance with us.
  • To get an IDA Guld reduction on your existing insurance policies, please, contact us.
Contact us here

How can I tell if I already have IDA Guld?

Log in to My Page and tick on one or more of your insurance policies. If you have an IDA Guld discount, it will appear under "general information about your insurance".Log in to My Page and see your insurance policies.You can also check your insurance policy and see if you have an IDA Guld discount.

Can I get IDA Guld and student discount at the same time?

If you have free home contents insurance for students or receive a student discount on your existing policies, for instance, home contents, travel, or accident, then you cannot get an IDA Guld discount.Student insurance policies are already low-priced.

When do I get the IDA Guld discount?

The IDA Guld discount takes effect at the same time as your insurance policies.Sometimes, insurance policies do not go into effect simultaneously because we must cancel them in another insurance company. If this is the case, the IDA Guld discount applies to the individual policies as we issue every policy.

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