Insurance payment methods

Are you in doubt about how to pay your insurance policies? Please keep reading.

When you take out insurance at IDA Forsikring, you decide weather you wish to make your payment monthly or annually. If you want to change your payment frequency, you only have to log in to My Page.

If you wish to change your payment frequency (renewal/termination date), simply log in to My Page.

Pay via Direct Debit or paper invoice

It is up to you whether you want to pay your insurance by using a paper invoice or via Direct Debit (NETS). However, it is a requirement to subscribe your insurance policies to NETS if you wish a monthly frequency.

  • If you use a paper invoice, there is a fee of DKK 38.50 per invoice.
  • If you subscribe NETS, it costs DKK 9.50 per insurance payment. When you take out insurance, you have to choose, as previously mentioned, between paper invoice or online invoicing services as NETS.
  • Be aware that you cannot pay with credit cards.

How to subscribe to Direct Debit (NETS)

You can subscribe Tryg insurance policies for NETS yourself - it is fast and simple. Simply visit and fill out the form.

When subscribing your Tryg policies, please provide the following information:

  • PBS no .: 00071552
  • Debtor group no .: 01776

Subscribing dental- and group life insurance to NETS

If you have a dental insurance, please note the following information:

  • PBS no .: 07791607
  • Debtor group no .: 1774

If you have a group life insurance, then you need to provide the next details:

  • PBS no .: 07641966
  • Debtor group no .: 1775

Particularly for student internship insurance

If you have a student internship insurance, you can not use NETS as a payment method, since it is a single payment.

Particularly for supplemental unemployment insurance

We offer the insurance in cooperation with Topdanmark, and you must contact them if you wish to subscribe the insurance to NETS. Please write and send an email to:

If you wish to change your payment frequency or have received a paper invoice

If you wish to change the account from which your insurance is collected, please contact your bank. Unfortunately, we can not help you with that matter.

If you have already received a paper invoice, you can not sign up for payment to Direct Debit. You have to pay the bill first and then sign up for payment through Direct Debit. When signing up, please provide the following:

  • PBS No.: 00071552
  • Debitor Group No .: 01776