What you need to know about bills and payment of your insurance

How do you pay your insurance? How often are payments due? And what are the associated conditions? Explore this page for comprehensive information on your payments, covering various topics from payment options to terms and conditions.

Insurance payment methods

How to pay your insurance

When you purchase insurance through our collaboration with Tryg, you can choose between monthly or annual payments. If you decide to change your payment frequency, you can easily do so on My Page by following these steps:
  1. Log in to My Page.
  2. Select the insurance you wish to modify.
  3. Click on the “Payments” link.
For instance, if you want to switch from annual to monthly payments or vice versa, keep these following details in mind:
  • Your monthly payment must be over DKK 30 to be subscribed to Direct Debit (NETS).
  • We automatically subscribe your payment to NETS, so your verification is needed through My Page.
  • There is a collection fee of DKK 9.50 per payment.
  • If you've already paid for an entire year and switched to monthly payments, we will refund the money to your NemKonto. After the refund, the monthly payments will begin.

Pay via Direct Debit or paper invoice

You decide how to pay for your insurance, whether through a paper invoice or Direct Debit (NETS). If you prefer monthly payments, you need to subscribe to NETS.
  • If you opt for a paper invoice, there is a collection fee of DKK 38.50 per insurance.
  • Subscribing to NETS incurs a cost of DKK 9.50 per insurance payment.
When you purchase insurance, you can select a paper invoice or NETS as your payment method. It's important to note that credit card payments are not accepted for insurance payments.Easily subscribe to NETS on betalingsservice.dk.

How to subscribe to Direct Debit (NETS)

Subscribing your Tryg insurance policies to NETS is a simple and quick process that you can do yourself. Go to Betalingsservice.dk and fill out the form. When subscribing your policies to NETS, please provide the following details:
  • PBS number: 00071552
  • Debtor group number: 01776

Specifically for supplemental unemployment insurance

For supplemental unemployment insurance specifically, which we provide in collaboration with Topdanmark, please contact them directly at loensikring@topdanmark.dk to subscribe the insurance to NETS. They will assist you in the process.

Pay multiple bills in a single payment

You can combine your insurance payments into a single transaction, whether monthly or annually. This allows you to save on collection fees for individual payments and make one collection for all bundled payments instead.For a consolidated collection, please contact us at 70 21 01 91.

If you need to modify your payment method or have received a paper invoice

Contact your bank if you wish to pay your insurance policies from a different account.You cannot subscribe to NETS for that payment if you have already received a paper invoice. First, pay the paper invoice, and then you can subscribe to NETS for subsequent payments.

Download the Direct Debit app

Get the Direct Debit app for a convenient way to manage your payments. This app lets you easily view your payments, settle your bills, and subscribe to NETS. You can also monitor the status of your subscriptions and receive notifications if any agreements are cancelled.Gain clarity – easily download the app.

How to enrol your insurance overview in e-Boks

e-Boks is a secure and free platform for storing all your personal mails in one place. It provides an overview of all your essential documents, such as insurance policies.Enrolling your insurance overview in e-Boks is easy and safe. Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to e-Boks with MitID.
  2. Choose ‘Mail from companies’.
  3. Click ‘My registrations’.
  4. Locate the company you want to register, like Tryg.
  5. Press ‘Register senders’.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

When you purchase insurance, it comes with various terms and conditions. We provide insights into these aspects here.

Can I cancel my insurance purchase?

Yes, you can cancel your insurance purchase within 14 days. The beginning of this 14-day withdrawal period depends on how you entered into the agreement.Get more information about withdrawal and general terms of purchase.

Important information for online insurance purchases

To purchase insurance on idaforsikring.dk, at least one member of your household must hold an IDA membership. You must also be 18 years of age or have parental consent.During your online insurance purchase, you enter information about yourself. This information is shared with our partners to establish your insurance policy and may be utilised for administrative and advisory purposes.Learn more about our online purchase terms and conditions.

Why does it say Tryg on my policies and invoices?

IDA Forsikring operates as an insurance intermediary. That means we provide insurance policies in collaboration with insurance companies. For many of our insurance policies, we collaborate with Tryg, and as a result, you will see Tryg mentioned on your policy documents.Tryg manages our claims processing – so if you need to report a claim, please contact Tryg at 70332525.At IDA Forsikring, we handle all other aspects – including offering advice and providing helpful insurance tips.

Do you have business insurance policies?

If you have business insurance through IDA Forsikring, please reach out to our partner ADIS for advice. You can contact them by calling 70277713 or emailing idaerhvervsforsikring@adis.as.

Why do I have to pay fees and taxes when I buy insurance?

When you buy insurance, you pay fees and taxes to the state and the Relief Fund. These fees are similar to the Value Added Tax (VAT) you pay on other goods and services. They are collected as a contribution to our welfare society and are added to the treasury.


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