Price drop on building and car insurance

Do you have home contents insurance? Do you own an electric or hybrid vehicle and therefore have car insurance? Or are you a student or under 30 with and have a car insurance policy with us? Then you insurance has dropped in price.

Your Building Insurance costs dropped 15%

In 2020, IDA Forsikring made a profit, and we will share it with our members.

If you have building insurance through IDA Forsikring, we brought down your insurance rate by 15% on 1 July 2021.

This reduction happened automatically.

If you do not have building insurance with IDA? Get an insurance quote here

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Car insurance for electric and hybrid cars dropped 20%

IDA works for a sustainable world, and we want to encourage and make it more appealing to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Therefore, from 1 July 2021, we lowered insurance rates for electric and hybrid cars by 20%.

This reduction follows the recent publication of IDAs report, "IDA's Climate Response 2045". The statement is a comprehensive plan to achieve zero-emission transport and energy sectors in Denmark by 2045. In the report, IDA proposes that by 2030, 1.3 million electric and hybrid cars will drive on Danish roads.

As a result, IDA Forsikring takes the lead and encourages you and other members to drive electric or hybrid cars by lowering car insurance rates.

It was an automatic price reduction.

Do you own a Tesla? Now you have a chance to change your car insurance excess

If you have a Tesla, you can now change your car insurance excess.

Up to now, insurance excess on a Tesla has been at least DKK 11,487. However, if you have a Tesla Model 3, now you can choose the same excess as if you had another car. If you have another Tesla model, you can choose an excess from DKK 6,081.

If you choose a lower excess, the price of your insurance will be slightly higher. If you choose a higher insurance excess, the rate of your insurance will be lower.

You can choose a lower excess on My Page - we adjust the price of your insurance to your selected insurance excess.

Choose your Tesla excess on My Page

Student members and members under 30 save 10% on car insurance

IDA Forsikring made a profit in 2020, and we will like to share that profit with our members.

Consequently, we reduced the price of car insurance for students and members under 30 by 10 %.

This reduction was automatic.