Student FAQ: home contents insurance and cover

How am I, as a student, covered by my home contents insurance? Find the answer here

Who is covered by my home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance covers the policyholder and members of the household. That is, your:

  • Roommate
  • Girlfrind/boyfriend/spouse/partner
  • Children living at home

Shared house

If you live in a shared house, it covers a maximum of three people. As long as you live at the same address, you only need to take out one home contents insurance policy.

Renting a room and subletting an apartment 

If you sublet your entire apartment, the tenant should take out insurance, but if you just rent out a room in your apartment, where you are residing, that's another matter. Then your tenant/roommate is also covered by your home contents insurance.

What does liability insurance cover?

Liability insurance is part of home contents insurance. Liability refers to bodily injury or property damage to other people (or their stuff) as a result of your actions, at your home, and anywhere else. The insurance covers, for example, if you, as a cyclist, hit a pedestrian.
If you do not have a home contents insurance policy (which includes liability), you have to pay for the damage that you incur to the pedestrian, and this can quickly become a costly affair.

Is my roommate covered by the liability insurance?

Yes, your liability insurance is included in the basic coverage of your home contents insurance and covers up to two roommates besides yourself as a policyholder. Under these conditions, you only need to take out one home contents insurance.
If you live together with your partner, married or not, and you share the apartment with another couple, then the insurance covers all four of you.

My photos and personal information have been misused on Facebook

If you have purchased a home contents insurance, then you have to the benefits offered by IDA TRYGhed, which includes, among other things, Tryg ID, where you can get help and advice in case of identity theft.

Read here how we can help you if you have shared photos or personal information without your consent.

Does it also cover my personal stuff outside the home?

Yes, your pc and bag, among other effects, are covered by your home contents insurance outside your property. Yet, you should be aware that being mug outside the home is most often considered a so-called simple theft. There may, therefore, be limitations on how much of the stolen goods are covered.