Driver Coverage

Driver Coverage covers if you, as the driver, get hurt in a car accident. Read more about how this coverage provides compensation when you buy it with IDA Forsikring.

What is Driver Coverage?

Driver coverage is an insurance add-on option you can add to your Car Insurance. It covers if you, as the driver, get bodily injured in a car accident with the car you insured with us in , for instance, a solo accident or when the driver cannot get compensation from another liability or business insurance.

However, the insurance compensates in cases where you receive a low compensation. For example, if:

  • The car accident happened abroad, so you get a lower compensation than in Denmark due to the compensation rules of the country.
  • You receive lower compensation from the insurance company of the counterpart because both parties are at fault in the accident. To see which expenses and losses are covered, please check out "The insurance covers" in your terms and conditions.

Who falls under the term Driver Coverage?

It covers the driver of the car. It is you, the car owner, but it could also be your partner, children, or someone legally using your vehicle.

What does Driver Coverage cover?

The purpose of the table is only illustrative, a selective extraction from the insurance terms and conditions, which determent future compensation in settled claims.

Driver Coverage

Driver Coverage offers compensation if you get hurt in a car accident and end up with a permanent disability. The estimation of your doctor of the degree of your injuries will determine the amount you will get. The degree of disability is stated as a percentage and must be at least 5% for you to receive compensation. The Labour Market Insurance created a disability table that will help to determine the degree of our disability once the final repercussions of the accident conclude.

If you can't find disability on this table, it's the responsibility of your physician to determine the degree based on the medical nature and extent of your injury.

The insured person's occupation and social situation do not influence the process of determining the grade of disability. The compensation follows a capital disability benefit that, at a degree of disability of 100%, amounts to DKK 979,000 (2023 index). The lump sum is reduced under the rules in section 4(2) of the Danish Civil Liability Act if you are –as an injured party– 40 years of age when the accident occurred.

If you need treatments from a physiotherapist or chiropractor after an accident, you must file a claim on your Accident Insurance, which usually covers the cost of such treatment.

File a claim on your Accident Insurance

If you do not have accident insurance, then Driver Coverage can, in most cases, help you cover part of your treatment. We usually pay costs for a period of up to three months. However, you must contact us before you start the treatment so you can verify whether we will provide coverage. Public benefits and subsidies from Health Insurance "Denmark" will be deducted from the compensation.

Contact IDA Forsikring

Medicine expenses

Driver Coverage covers the necessary expenses if you have costs for medicines or medical tool equipment after an accident. We need bills or receipts for these expenses. Public benefits and subsidies from Health Insurance "Denmark" will be deducted from the compensation.


We cover the necessary expenses for transportation to and from treatments and examinations. If you wish to drive your car to the treatment facility, we pay the lowest state-regulated mileage rate.

Psychological first aid

Your Home Contents Insurance offers psychological first aid if you need it after an accident.

Read more about home contents insurance

Driver Coverage offers compensation for pain and suffering if you take sick leave due to injuries you sustained in a car accident. This compensation amounts to DKK220 (2023 index) for each day you are on sick leave. The indemnification cannot exceed DKK85,500 in 2023.

Driver Coverage compensates for your loss of income from the date of injury to the date you can return to work.

In practice, if you lose earning capacity permanently due to an accident, you will receive compensation until it is possible to establish your future earning capability. Once this is in place, you will receive indemnification for loss of earning capacity, and taxation of the amount will apply because it is personal income.

Driver Coverage offers indemnification for loss of earning capacity if the accident means you lose at least 15% of your work ability.

The size of compensation depends on the following factors:

  • Your salary before the accident.
  • Your age at the time of the accident.
  • The degree of the loss of earning capacity.

You get a lump sum equal to your annual salary x 10 x loss of earning capacity percentage.

There is a reduction of compensation –according to the Danish Liability Act §9– if you, as the driver, are 30 years of age when the day you sustained your injury.
Driver coverage also pays compensation to people who have no real income. For stay-at-home-parents and students, compensation is determined based on an estimate of the economic value of their labour capacity when they sustain an injury.

Compensation for loss of earning capacity may not exceed DKK10,277,500 (2023 index).

Driver Coverage covers the necessary expenses for dental treatment if other insurance sources do not cover them, for instance, public health insurance or private accident insurance.

Driver Coverage offers indemnification for the death of a breadwinner because of a car accident.

It is based on the income of the defunct during the last 12 months before the accident and amounts to 30% of the compensation for the complete loss of earning capacity (annual salary x 10 x 100).

There is a reduction of the compensation by 1% for each year the deceased was older than 29 years at the time of the incident. It is further reduced by 2% each year the breadwinner is older than 54 and stops after 70.

If the deceased leaves behind children, the compensation will be calculated as the sum of the child support that the defunct at the time of the accident could have been required to pay up to the children turn 18. The Directorate for Children, Youth & Families sets the guidelines and determines the amount based on monthly child support and the deceased's income.

Taxation does not apply to this dependency compensation.

If your case concerning permanent disability or loss of earning capacity has been closed, you can reopen it following the provisions of the Danish Liability Act §11. To do so, the circumstances of the case must change significantly concerning those considered during the settlement.