Does my home contents insurance cover if I rent out my home?

Learn more about coverage in different situations.

Do you use a letting agent?

For example, the policy only protects against fire and break-ins if you use Airbnb to rent your property out. The insurance does not cover if the renter damages or steals your belongings unless you add the add-ons Property for Rent and Extended Electronic Malfunction.

The insurance does not cover watches, jewellery, gold, silver, money and the like.

You can also usefully check whether the rental agency covers such damages.

Do you sublet your apartment?

If you sublet your apartment, the subtenant must have insurance during the period you are away.

Do you rent a room out to a roommate?

If you have student insurance and rent out a room, the policy will also cover your roommate. Please note that, as mentioned above, this only applies if you have a student insurance policy.

If you have regular home contents insurance and rent out a room, the tenant must have insurance herself.