Cyber insurance

Today, Cyber attacks account for 58% of the cases resulting in data loss - and data leaks caused by hackers have almost doubled since 2011.

Unforeseen events, including cyber attacks, can cost you very much. This is in terms of economy, credibility and your company's image. You are properly covered with a cyber insurance so that you can easily move on and give your customers and business partners a valuable experience and security.

Cyber Security Preparedness – ReSecure

Cyber Security Preparedness – ReSecure

Cover of restoration of IT systems and data + legal assistance in case of confidentiality breach.

Own expenses and loss costs

Own expenses and loss costs

Cover of data recovery, IT systems and networks.



Cover of claims for breach of confidentiality.

The insurance covers

The table is for illustrative purpose and an extract of the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance conditions.

Basic Coverage

You're covered, if you have costs to restore your network and data.

You are covered if you experience a decline in the level of income as a result of cyberattacks

You are covered if you need to pay a ransom or cover the financial costs for averting the consequences of a cyberattack. 

You are covered if you experience external unauthorized access to your telephone network.

You are covered if you have financial costs that originate from a real or suspected illegal breach of personal data.

You are covered if a cyber attack leads to intellectual property infringement.

If you suspect that a claim is going to be filed against you, the insurance might cover compensation costs or a possible settlement so that the case can be closed before the claim has been filed.

You are covered in case of a claim from a client or a third-party, for instance, the information provided in confidence to you by a client is disclosed to a third party without your client's consent.

You are covered if a third-party claim is filed against you for assumingly disclosing personal data. 

You are covered if a third-party claim is filed against you for presumed responsibility of damaging data and/or systems.

The insurance covers reasonable costs for an external security forensic expert to investigate, isolate incidents, limit damages or those expected, and eradicate the root cause. 

The insurance covers reasonable legal assistance costs to investigate, stop and limit your covered or assumed damages. 

The insurance covers reasonable costs for a PR consultant if there is a need to limit damaging media coverage in the event of a covered or expected incident.

Special benefits of cyber ​​insurance

You have a number of benefits when you take out IDA's Cyber Insurance:

Notification costs   The insurance covers notification costs (including those according to the GDPR) both about cases where insured persons are legally compelled to do so, but also in cases not legislated.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  It covers expenses of statements to supervisory authorities and other authorities, including the cost of compelling notifications – with the assistance of the emergency services.
Data processed by the third party  The insurance covers confidential information, personal data or similar processed by a third party on your behalf (e.g. lawyer). Besides, the insurance covers attacks made through IT supplier, if insured is at fault.
Crisis management/claim processing  All crisis management and claim processing take place in Danish. There is 24/7 access to emergency services.
Premium saving  The insurance is part of an insurance pooling scheme, among other things, provides premiums for the companies included in the group. If we compare with other companies, you get at IDA an attractive product with a very low premium level.
No retrospective rating  We do not make retrospective ratings, which means that the premium is determined based on the company's revenue at the start of the period. We do not make a retrospective rate at the end of the period either.
Insurance sums and excess  

On cyber insurance you have the option to choose from three insurance sums:

DKK 500,000
DKK 1,000,000
DKK 2,000,000

Excess depends on the level of income and starts from DKK 5,000.